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Rocky Neck Gallery: Skip Montello & Tom Robinson-Cox

rngSkip Montello & Tom Robinson-Cox are exhibiting photography at the Rocky Neck Art Gallery starting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 14 for three weeks. But don’t wait, or at least, don’t miss the artist’s reception this Friday from 6-8PM.

Click the Rocky Neck Art Gallery Banner above to go to the Gallery Website for details or the artist’s names to go to their sites.

Fun Fact from the gallery website: You have walked by 55 Rocky Neck a million times but did you ever wonder why the building looked like that? The Answer: Those shingles are Russian stamped steel painted with copper boat bottom paint.

Another Fun Fact: the name of their exhibit is “Ice Cold: Natural Extracts”.  Now if you were going to have a reception on a Friday night (6-8PM) in August with a name like that you might expect some nice cold natural extracts, maybe a pitcher of Margaritas or even martinis so cold you have those little flecks of ice floating on top? (Just thinking out loud here.)

St. Anthony’s by the Sea

This lovely little chapel of St. Anthony by the Sea (near Niles Beach) belongs to Holy Family Parish. It is open for Sunday services at 9:30AM only in the summer, and for weddings until the fall.  I think the stained glass windows are absolutely beautiful, real works of art.


For more about the history of the chapel, visit this link (thanks to Fred Bodin for the great info)!

Matthew Green

Vintage 211 (and photo fun with Bob)

One of the perhaps lesser-known antique/vintage stores in Gloucester is Vintage 211 (211 East Main St., open Fri-Sun 11am-6pm), aka “Bob and Dave’s place”.

It’s right across the street from Scout Vintage Finds, so it’s easy to visit both at once! They also have similar hours, which is convenient for planning.

I heard about this store by word of mouth, and I’m glad I did!  Bob stocks a wide variety of things, but is unique in having a focus on men’s vintage (and not) clothes, and wool sweaters.  Other stores I’ve visited for this series of posts have some mens’ clothes, but no one else really has it as a special focus; most often, there are as many or much more women’s clothes than men’s. Here are a few photos of the many things in stock:

And Bob is a really nice guy, too. He actually looks a lot like an uncle on my father’s side of the family, at least in this photo:

The prices are good, in some cases excellent! I ended up buying some things while there… Including a great green corduroy coat, with a tie that Bob gave me as a gift:

and a leather coat which he sold me for $30, at least a 90% discount compared to buying new (and it is in like-new condition).  Since he is also a photographer, we had some fun… I pulled a “Game of Thrones” pose on a wicker chair in the store and Bob snapped some photos. He’s really good at it! I had some fun with them afterwards in Photoshop:

I like this one because it looks like I’m thinking something devious, when really Bob just said, “Look over that way!” and snapped a shot…

Matthew Green

Man at the Wheel

Another shot from my photo walk with the photography workshop.  How do you take an interesting photo of something like this memorial that’s so iconic that it’s hard to be original?   It’s not easy, especially on a day with relatively boring light. I tried to make this more interesting with the processing (mostly adjusting contrast in the foreground and adding texture to the clouds to the sky), although the angle is totally conventional.

Matthew Green


Blackburn Open Studios Sat 7/20 & Sun 7/21

Blackburn Open Studios

Save the Date! This Saturday and Sunday from 12-6 we will be hosting open studios in the Blackburn building, 2 Main Street, Gloucester. Stop on by, say hi, browse our work and have some snacks!

Come through the parking lot to the entrance at the back/side of the building and take the elevator up toe the third floor.

I will have my vintage shop, Madcap Style, open so come and visit me on the 3rd floor! I will be adding lots of new summer clothes and accessories too.

Here’s the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/141926372680349/

I hope to see you there!



Yesterday’s clouds

Yesterday afternoon I drove from Rhode Island back up to Gloucester, and stopped several times to take photos of the clouds. In my photography workshop this afternoon at The Hive, I will be explaining (among other things) the techniques I used to bring out the contrast and detail in these photos.


Matthew Green

Gallery Talk at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck

This Sunday, July 7, is the last day of the “Griffin Museum’s Photography Atelier 17” show at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck.   I twill close with a special event: form 5-6PM, the director of the Griffin Museum will give a free gallery talk! The photos are remarkable, so I am sure the gallery talk will be well worth attending.

Matthew Green

Origami and Photography Workshops

I will be directing an origami workshop for kids at Art Haven and a digital photography workshop at The Hive this month! Here are descriptions of both. For pricing and additional details, see official websites (at the links provided).

Origami for Kids at Art Haven
Thursdays, June 27, July 4, 11, 18, 25, 3:30-5:00PM
“Origami for Kids” will introduce young artists to the world of origami. Besides learning a variety of basic fun models across a variety of themes, we will go over the essentials of origami terminology and symbols involved in reading origami diagrams, so that the children can learn to fold on their own more easily.

Digital Photography Workshop at The Hive
Tuesdays, July 2, 9, 16, 23
July 2 and 16, 4-7PM: Before going out to shoot, we will meet at Art Haven, where the instructor will explain key camera features and shooting tips and techniques, including the differences between file formats (with their relative advantages and disadvantages), how to use manual settings, basics of composition, and shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. We will then go to shoot photographically interesting locations throughout Gloucester, with some suggested themes and perspectives.
July 9 and 23, 4-6PM: We will meet at The Hive to share our favorite photos from the past week and critique each other’s work. Besides providing creative feedback about the shots, the instructor will give instruction on techniques for post-processing using popular software.

– Matthew Green

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