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Community Photos 11/6/12

Sunset Annisquam River photo by Anthony Marks

Sunset Annisquam River

Hi Joey,

B had a chance to sign the windmill blade over the weekend, so he signed his name with a  sketch of General Grievous, just under Sefatia’s Sig.  These blades are HUGE by the way – and the must have built a special trailer just to transport them…

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Patriotic pooch on East Main and Bass Ave.


Photo © Kathy Chapman 2012


New lighting in Gloucester City Hall Photo From Maggie Rosa

Maggie writes-

Work in progress!

National Grid has worked with the City to provide new lighting for City Hall’s Kyrouz Auditorium – the lighting fixtures are on the left, the old on the right.

In addition, the lighting for the Build Not For Today Alone but for Tomorrow As Well WPA mural has been replaced.

Staging on the ventilators will be coming down this week or next. Get your cameras ready!



Wagging for Schooners From Al Bezanson

Joey…. Here’s a shot from GREEN DRAGON a couple years ago when BLUENOSE II was still around.  Maggie here is savoring the odor of the haddock chowder wafting over from the Canadians’ galley and hoping for a chance to clean their bowls when they come ashore.  What happened was that she missed out on the chowder but did manage to grab the skipper’s hot dog when he was on the dock.  Hence the invasion of the BLUENOSE ll’s crew.  Fortunately we had a good supply of Fishermen’s Brew iced down and were able to calm them.

Maggie was also in attendance at ARDELLE’S launching, and here can be seen interviewing Cooper.  You can see Maggie’s blog here… it’s a long thread but scrolling down through it will acquaint you with some of her pals like Effie on Effie.


Attack from Bluenose IIMaggie and Cooper at Ardelle launch

Logs from Hog Island for the Schooner Adventure

Photos From Len Burgess

Feb. 27, 2012
Harold Burnham with Steve and Bruce are towing rough-cut logs back to Harold’s Essex Shipbuilding yard to be made into spars and gaffs for the Schooner ‘Adventure’. Harold and crew had cut and trimmed trees down last week on Hog island for the project.

–Len Burgess

Harold&Skiff 2-12_0684Harold&Skiff2-12_0688Harold&Skiff2-12_0691Harold&Skiff2-12_0694

Check out the Schooner Adventure Website Here and their live webcam here where you can see it at it’s berth at the East Gloucester Marine Railways.



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