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Scam the Scammers – Let’s have some fun!

Scam phone calls are up.

Today I got a call from a guy who told me there was a problem with my computer (yeah, right) and while I was letting him talk, I got a call on the other line, so I told him I had to go, picked up the other line and guess what?  Another guy from the same company, eSupport Live.  So I decided to play along and see what happened.  He told me that I had unwanted files on my computer and he would help me get rid of them right now.  He was about to ask me to give him remote access to my computer when I said, I’ve gotta go; can I call you back?  Sure, he said and gave me his number 888-514-1650.  He told me his name was Alvin Brown, uh huh — with a very thick Indian (dot-not-feather – as Joey would say) accent.

A couple of minutes later I called back.  888-514-1650 actually works.  I asked for Alvin Brown and explained that we had been cut off and I was calling him back.  They put me on hold for about 90 seconds and finally someone (with a very different voice) said, Hello. Alvin? I asked.  Yes. Alvin Brown?  Yes, sir, can I get your information please?

That’s when I hung up.  I found their website here.  The English is worse than those bad assembly instructions you get with products made in China.

Most likely these people are criminals, trying to hack into your computer to steal your identity, money, whatever.  See a news story about such people here.

I know most FOBs have lots of time on their hands — because since joining the GMG Google+ Community, I get tons of emails a day from them — so I figure why not  spend a little time and have some fun SCAMMING THE SCAMMER!

All you have to do is call and pretend you got their number from the website or a friend.  Ask for Alvin Brown and see what happens.  Or start asking for other people — Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, George Washington, Jimi Hendrix — what ever you can think of.  The longer you keep them on the phone, the more you’ve cost them.  Just don’t give them any real info about yourself.

If you don’t want them calling you back, just block your caller id by hitting *67 before you call.  If we can get hundreds of people calling every day, maybe they’ll give up and stop calling us.

Vickie reminded me of this very funny guy who has a special treat for telemarketers.  Check it out: