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A new Doggie Daycare and training service comes to town!

If you have ever owned a pet in Gloucester, then you’ve probably been to Animal Krackers, and I’m also sure you know Stacy! Besides providing us with all the pet essentials, they now are offering small dog daycare! They call the new service TINY TAILS; you get the idea. So it’s not for the Great Danes of the world, but your little friends have a new spot to play, make new friends, and listen to soothing music. You can also virtually visit your pooch during the day via webcams. The space is bright and cheerful with padded floors, and it’s all indoors. GMG, supporting our local spots the best we can!
Crackers Open House_3
For more info, check out their Facebook page: facebook.com/animalkrackersgloucester Or give them a shout at 978-491-0061

Lost Cat

“Hi Joey, Not sure you have a lost and found section for pets… our cat has been missing for 2.5 weeks and I have exhausted all avenues. Someone mentioned posting on GMG… I love your blog, but have never posted. If you have a lost and found section, could you please post this picture and information about our very missed small cat… Thank you.”

Darlene Story
e-mail wincurls@aol.com
phone: (978)283-0383

LOST since Tuesday June 25: 10 month old BROWNISH/GRAY Indoor cat. Answers to Gandy. Not spayed. Door was left ajar and wandered out. Haskell Street, Gloucester MA. Usually very friendly, may be skittish. Hoping someone is taking good care of her.


A Pretty Day with the Fairy Dog Ma

fairy dog ma, walk, jen nicol

Here’s Coconut (and a tail of one of her friends) enjoying a walk with their Fairy Dog Ma.  Such lucky dogs!

Another great shot of my salty dog with her pal, Paco, in the background.

If you don’t know already– Jen Nicol, aka the Fairy Dog Ma, is the best dog walker/pet sitter on Cape Ann! She has a big heart and takes excellent care of all her fur clients. We have been using Jen for Coconut’s walks since Coconut was just a pup. She’s someone that I trust fully in my home and with the care of my little baby.

The dogs have a blast and they come home tired and well behaved. She always picks up after them and even uses biodegradable poop bags. Plus, we get great emails with photos and/or videos of their adventures.

If you need a dog walker or pet sitter, check out Jen’s website for more info: www.fairydogma.com






Poll: Coyote vs Lovable Pet Who Ya Got?

In light of the shitstorm I thought I’d create these here polls to really access where our readership falls.  I have a hard time believing the people that are rooting for the coyotes are nothing more than fringe lunatics who hate people.

It’s one or the other who are you gonna root for?