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Peter Seminara Photos From Stellwagon Bank On The Last Day Of The Bluefin Blowout

Joey, not sure you would want these but these were taken on the North West Corner of Stellwagen Bank on the last day of the Bluefin Blowout Tuna Tournament

Much More from The 2012 Bluefin Blowout-

This was the first year out with this tournament????

You’re kidding right?

All hats off to Drew Hale, Tobin Domenick, the sponsors and all the support staff who pulled off the most professionally run kick ass Tuna tournament I’ve ever seen in this town.  Packed and WATCH OUT NEXT YEAR.  I feel bad for any high line sponsors who passed on this because it was THE Tuna Tournament of the Northeast and next year people are going to be FIGHTING To GET IN.


We will have a ton more coverage and follow up with pictures from Brianmoc and Pete Seminara and Pictures and Video I shot last night.

The Winnning Fish from  The Maya Elizabeth Photo Peter Seminara-




Paulie Walnuts Video From Saturday-

For The Photos From Saturday Night Click the Slideshow Here


Brianmoc photos coming.

Video- Pete Libro and Crew of The Cabaret V At The 2012 Bluefin Blowout


Captain Joe and Sons Easter Morning Photos From Peter Seminara

Pete took these photos on Easter morning of our dock through the fog from his dock at the State Fish Pier.

Peter writes-

here they are…taken from the stern of my lobster boat restless, state fish pier easter sunday 2011

pete seminara

capt joes easter sunday 2capt joes easter sunday