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Sunrise Today: Sun is closest to the Earth!


Sunrise Rockport January 5, 2014. Breakwater to the left and the Thacher Island Twin Lighthouses to the right with Straitsmouth lighthouse too.

The sun reached perihelion last night which means it is the closest it gets to earth all year. Can’t you feel those rays up close and personal? This morning from Andrews Point the sun rose to the right of the breakwater. In a few short weeks that sunrise will move behind the breakwater as it heads north to … wait for it … SUMMER!

-Rubber Duck armed with a weenie iPhone 5s

Happy Perihelion and water temps for nuts.

January 3, 2011, Happy Perihelion! The earth is whipping around the sun right now and is at closest approach to the fiery ball than at any time of the year. Pretty much nothing to do with water temps, the tilt of the earth does all of that. But while warming up from the Polar Bear plunge I was wondering when the water would warm up in the spring to the New Year’s Day temperature. That is, what day could I dive in the water and expect the same refreshing tingle I got that day? So I went out to buoy AO1 just 8 miles off Gloucester and grabbed the water temps. To smooth it I took the noon water temp, average for the week, one meter down. Onshore might be a tad warmer but it will show the trend.

The water temp over the past ten years hits the lowest around the first week of February. A Ground Hogs Day Polar Plunge would be chilly but really only around 37 F instead of this New Year’s Day 42 F.  The temperature always seems to rebound and match New Year’s Day by April Fool’s Day. Anyone want to dive in then?