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Birds of Cape Ann and the Magic of the Snowy Owl

During this season of the great Snowy Owl irruption of 2013, owlets were recently identified as far south as Florida and as far west as Bermuda! A mature adult male may be completely white; the females and owlets have the … Continue reading

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Peregrine hunting on Wall St.

Once an endangered species in the United States, North American peregrine falcon populations have made a great comeback due to bans on usage of DDT and similar pesticides. I just took these photos at 10:30 on Wall St. overlooking Cripple … Continue reading

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The peregrine falcon is visiting again


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Peregrine Falcon visitor at St. Ann’s Church

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Coopers Hawk At The Dock

Sent in from Adam- It’s definitely a cool raptor, but alas it’s a Cooper’s Hawk. Not as fast as a Peregrine in a stoop, but incredibly agile. These guys are specialists at chasing down birds in thick cover. Accipiters are … Continue reading

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