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Iron Rail To Support GHS Gymnastics Deal

From Pauline Breshnehan-

Rich Healy at Iron Rail gymnastics  on Kondelin Rd. in Gloucester will give
1/2 of your first months’ tuition when you enroll in a class by Jan. 6th.2010 to support the Gloucester High School’s gymnastic team. Make sure you mention the High School team or GMG when you enroll so that the girls will get the money.
Iron Rail donates the gym to the GHS team for their pratices and home meets for FREE!
They are at http://www.ironrail.com/ phone 978-282-8855
the team pratices there on Mon and Wed. from 530-830 and Fridays 330-630 if you wanted to meet the team.
thanks so much for your help.

Pauline’s Gifts- I Bet You’ve Driven Past Thousands Of Times

I bet you’ve driven past the store on 133 a bunch of times and wondered what’s in there. You might think it’s just flags, flags and more flags, but there’s much more.  I’ll bring you inside for the first peek in a video at 8:00AM