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Progress, Recall, and Relax

Progress continues on the Birdseye Building, as now we can see the inside, as the walls crumble.  Paul Nicastro recalls his grandmother’s house being on the site, along with twenty plus houses before Birdseye.  Beach goer relaxes on Pavilion Beach.



2011 Greasy Pole Shrine Takes Shape

Erik Spear and Paulie Nicastro begin to erect the Greasy pole Shrine with several new additions this year including a memorial, more flags, banners from Peter Favazza and photos from Cape Ann Historical Museum courtesy of The Infamous Fred Buck.

look for the video tomorrow and more photos of the shrine completed


Come Watch The Greasy Pole Shrine Take Shape Wednesday At 9:30AM-Video

Paulie Nicastro Prepares A New Space For The Greasy Pole Shrine

Paulie Asks That If You Have Any Pictures From Past Greasy Pole Events To Please Bring Them Down Wednesday Morning To Be A Part Of The Greasy Pole Shrine


It’s pretty ambitious to try to fill that huge wall.