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“I play better when the crowd likes it” ~ Johnny Winter. Listen to the interview now!


Earlier this afternoon I interviewed Johnny Winter and Paul Nelson, who is Jonny’s manager, producer of his latest album, “Roots” (which I highly recommend) along with his upcoming album “Step Back”, due out in April — and he plays guitar in Johnny’s band.

Johnny and Paul talk about their influences, the Blues, sound, performing, recording …  Johnny even tells us how he practiced screaming when he was young.  Plus they give us a feel for just how hot this upcoming show on Jan 31 will be.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions in yesterday’s post.  Johnny answered questions by Ricardo Fernandez and Tom Hauck in this interview.  Listen below:

There are still a few tickets left to see the great Johnny Winter at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre on Friday, Jan 31.  This show will sell out, so if you want to go, get tickets here.