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GloucesterCast 104 Featuring Guests Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/16/14

GloucesterCast 104 Featuring Guests Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/16/14

Topics Include: Free Grand Prix Of Gloucester Cyclocross Rapha T-Shirt For One Of The First Ten Verified GloucesterCast Subscribers- Subscribe Here, Congratulations To Pat Conant Winner Of Facebook Contest, Thanks To Paul Morrison For Fresh Limes, Good Egg James Fiahlo Copper Dory Planter Raises $350 For Paul Russo Brain Cancer Foundation– High Bidder From Gayle Piraino GAP Promotions is the High Bidder, Clean Gloucester and The One Hour At A Time Gang Cleans First Parish Burial Ground, Revitalization Of Magnolia Continues, The Chesire Cat, The Magnolia Consignment Store,Chef From the Patio Now At Magnolia Pub, Sawyer Free Library, Passports Wine Dinner Coming Up This Thursday, Electricity Rate Wrinkle, Arthur Bevalaqua, Solar Panels, Gloucester Clam Ads Turn Out To Be A Positive, The Idea That Unless You Are Losing Money You Are A Bad Person, The Football Post, Over Prescribing Drugs To Control Kids,Science All Around Us, Nubar Alexanian, Tom Ellis,  Paul Boudreau, Turducken Is Out, What Will This Year’s Thanksgiving Food Fad Be, The Chateau’s Fried Ravioli, Joey’s Favorite Things- Krups Coffee Grinder, Bonavita Pourover Coffee Maker, Contigo Autoseal Coffee Travel Mug, Prynt , Taste Of Magnolia, Lillian LoGrasso’s Event, Lobster Trap Tree, Shop Rockport, TBT Post, Alpaca Sweaters, Brother’s Brew Will Be Open For Shop Rockport, Marshall’s Farm Stand, Thank You To Nichole’s Family To-Do Post, Joppa Flats, Ruby and Luke McElhenny and Dax Who Was Named After Dax Shepard, The Alpaca’s That Eat You.




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Gloucester to the World

Paul Boudreau forwards-

Hey Joey,

Can you share with your readers?

Just wanted to let you know, Rapha has released some photos from their project “Theatres of Cross”. 

This project from a UK-based company has put Gloucester into a category with race venues in Roubaix, France; Koksijde, Belgium and Nobeyama, Japan.


I’ll have info soon about how Gloucester residents can see these images and more over our race weekend on 27 & 28 September.


Paul Boudreau | bikes: advocacy & promotion
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15 Years Of Gloucester Cyclocross


In early May, the chances of our event taking place in Gloucester were close to zero. All efforts ceased and we focused 100% on two other venues. 

What a turnaround in the past month. We have received the support of the Mayor, the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, the Open Space & Recreation Committee, racers, teams, and Gloucester citizens.  Despite a delayed start to the permit process, we submitted our applications and have received the approval of the Planning & Development Committee (P&D).  We now have one final obstacle.

On Tuesday, August 27th, we’ll attend a public hearing in front of the full City Council. While I’m extremely hopeful, this is where we could really use the help of the community. If you support the Gran Prix of Gloucester, please consider showing your support at this public hearing.

A few weeks ago, over 75 supporters came to Stage Fort Park for the P&D site visit in a non-participatory role. Next week, the public WILL have the opportunity to speak and we hope to hear from you.

We humbly ask, if you support GP Gloucester, please come to Gloucester City Hall on Tuesday the 27th and voice your support.


Gloucester City Council

7pm in Kyrouz Auditorium 

2nd floor at Gloucester City Hall

9 Dale Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930 

Fond Regards, Paul Boudreau

Race Director, Gran Prix of Gloucester 

A Statement from Gran Prix of Gloucester’s Paul Boudreau

Hi Joey,

The Gloucester Times is going to run a story about the Gran Prix of Gloucester, possibly in Saturday’s edition. I wanted to share the statement that I provided them. Please feel free to run all of this.

On a personal note, I love Gloucester. My family and I are regular visitors at Wingaersheek Beach, on rare nights we get a babysitter, my wife & I hit Duckworth’s. My favorite drive when I need to get my toddler to sleep is heading north on 127 to Folly Cove.

As you’ll see below, we’ve had to investigate other host cities. Rest assured that we are working with the Gloucester Chief Administrative Officer to close some issues. We recently had a site visit with the Chief Administrative Officer, the Operations Manager of Public Services, Fire Chief and Building Inspector and made significant progress. Finally, we’re going through the permit process.


Paul Boudreau

We are committed to hosting a world-class event in the Greater Boston area on the weekend of Sept. 28-29. Since the fall of 2012, after the completion of the race weekend, Gloucester city officials raised concerns with the event.  We have endeavored to address these concerns to the best of our abilities. Discussions are ongoing, and we remain optimistic that we can reach an agreement. However, given the uncertainty that Gloucester would continue to be a feasible host city, we faced no other choice but to explore options for other potential host cities in the area.

Athletes from across the United States and Europe are currently making travel plans for their cyclocross race season. As the kickoff event of the premier professional cyclocross race series in the United States, we feel we have an obligation to continue to host this event. In addition, the economic impact it has provided to the community has grown tremendously. Based on a Bentley University economic impact study, roughly 40 percent of participants stay in the Cape Ann region during the race weekend.  In the race’s fourteen years, we have strived to be mindful, cooperative community partners and are dedicated to building upon the relationship with the city . However, if the Gloucester venue is not a viable location, we will be forced to seek an alternative site that meets the standards that racers have come to expect from this event.

Editor Nore from Joey C

I am fully supportive of the Gran Prix, the quality of the people it brings here and what they put back into the community between the businesses that benefit and the showcasing of our City as a venue for world class events.  Make no mistake about it, these athletes travel from all over the world to participate.

They have demonstrated that they leave the park in better shape than when they arrive. (Pictures don’t lie homie),  and show that they are willing to listen to, and work with the powers that be to insure that people are left happy.


Paul Boudreau 2010 Gran Prix Of Gloucester Preview

Paul gives us some insights on why YOU should check out this international event happening right here in Gloucester!

For more information check out the website-


Good Times Ahead!

Sherri Curcuru and Paul Boudreau Give Us The Inside Skinny On The Grand Brewers Gloucester Gran Prix

I want you to listen very carefully.  You will hear two key words- Beer Tent

Hell that’s all I need to know.  Even if you don’t give a rat’s ass about guys wearing funny helmets and spandex potentially getting into cataclysmic wrecks, just remember- there’s a beer tent so it’s bound to be a good time.