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Patti Keenan- Proud New Owner of the Latest Art Rock!

Patty Writes-

Dear Mr. Frontiero, aka "Paulie Walnuts"

I found the rock at the paint factory today at 2:15 pm.  I’m still in shock.  I never thought it would still be there at this hour. I have tried so many times and end up looking at an empty hole in the ground.  I can’t express to you how happy you made today.   And bless you for not making me climb that fence.  Nobody needs to see that. I feel like a know you from GMG.  All of you cub reporters are  just great.  Informative, Funny, Historical, and Creative.  You all make me feel incredibly inadequate, but in a good way.  Please do not stop participating on that site.  You are an important and necessary ingredient in that recipe.  I enjoy  looking forward to it every day, You are so talented and I appreciate your gift of art combined with  treasure hunting so much.  I feel like I am part of a very elite group now.  Thank You for taking the time to do the art rocks, and the video with the ringleader, Joey.  I truly have a piece of Gloucester now. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please just ask.

So Very Sincerely, Patti Keenan