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GloucesterCast With Guests Sista Felicia, BJ Mohan and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 3/29/14


GloucesterCast With Guests Sista Felicia, BJ Mohan and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 3/29/14

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Topics Include: Art McCann- Local Hero, Veterans, Not Repainting Home of The Fighting Fishermen, The Petition,  JOHN A “GUS” FOOTE, BOB WHYNOTT, DAVID H,. WATSON, LEE KENNEDY,  MIKE McLEOD, RICK NOONAN, Article in the Gloucester Daily Times, Ann Kennedy’s Questions About The Blog Today vs the Blog a Couple Years Ago, Rants, Taking Things Literally, Frank Ciolino, An Intern, The Dilution of The Blog For The Broader Good, Striving For The Happy Medium, The Impossible Job Of Pleasing Everyone, Nichole Schrafft, How Can we Improve?, Felicia’s New Espresso Maker, BJ’s Online Tools You Should Know About- Google Drive, Google Drive vs Dropbox, Sista Felicia’s Chifeletti Cookies, Ethnic Grocery Stores Today, Filling Boat Orders At Pat’s Center Grocery,  Gelato

Local Hero Saving Us From Politically Correct Nutjobs- Art McCann





Joe Popcorn From Virginia McKinnon

Hi Joey, I was looking through some old pictures and came across this picture of Joe Popcorn at St. Peter’s Fiesta in 1947.  With Joe is my brother, Paul Frontiero, who worked for Joe that summer. We lived at 14 Gould Court and Joe and his family at 16 Gould Court. Later Joe made his famous lemonade slush. I have so many memories of Gould Court. This story is of early times, before the Ciaramitaro’s moved next door. Daily I look forward to your blog. Love, Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon

Joe popcorn

One of my two Joe Ciramitaro Grandfathers.

Captain Joe Ciaramitaro of Captain Joe and Sons

and Joe “Popcorn” Ciaramitaro of Pat’s Center Grocery

Both Extremely Hard Workers