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The Oval Playground Community – Build.. Got it Done!

Steve Winslow submits-

Thanks for the many community members who turned out to erect the new playground at the Oval.. Here’s a few photos
1. Brian Palazola – grandson of Joseph Palazola who Palazola Field was named after. Brian’s daughter was so excited to hear about the new playground she dragged Brian out of bed first thing Saturday morning. Mike Palazola, Joseph Palazola’s son also gave a hand..

2. Councillor LeBlanc checking out the new saucer swing.

3. The Big Fish has arrived!!

4. The Jacks Climber the kids at Pathways helped pick out

5. Playground equipment – all done.

Just a note – the site is still under construction.. Work will be completed in a few weeks and we’ll let people know when the ribbon cutting will take place.
Steve Winslow