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World Organ Day 2013 at St. Ann’s Church

A week ago today was World Organ Day!  Althout it is an initiative of Notre Dame de Paris, it was celebrated around the world with more than 850 organ concerts.  Fr. John Kiley, pastor of Holy Family Parish, joined in with a concert here in Gloucester at St. Ann’s Church (a worship site of Holy Family Parish).

Fr Kiley on the organ

Organ concert smallAlthough St. Ann’s has a real pipe organ, it is in sore need of work, and the parish does not have the funds for the organ’s restoration.  So, Fr. Kiley gave the concert on the church’s electric organ instead. It sounds nice, but it doesn’t quite measure up to the real pipe organ.  After the concert, Fr. Kiley played one verse of a popular hymn using some of the registers on the old pipe organ that still work more or less well, and the difference was notable.

Fr. Matthew Green


Fisk open house last week

A week ago, C. B. Fisk had an open house and demo of an organ they recently finished and are shipping off to it’s destination in Japan.

The open house was well frequented, with lots of local people coming and going, munching on the tasty tidbits that were being offered and taking tours of the facility.  Organ students and other people from the organ’s destination in Japan were on site as well, some playing the organ and others strolling through the workshop.  I planned on getting lots of photos, but ended up in several engrossing conversations instead…  I got a few more photos of the workshop last year when I got a fascinating tour from my friend Rick Isaacs.  I continue to be amazed by the versatility and skill of the artisans at Fisk!

Fr. Matthew Green


Opus 137 Scale Model at C.B. Fisk Part II with Greg Bover

The detail in the scale models are works of art in their own right

Tomorrow we spend time with the actual organ in part III of our multi part video series leading up to Saturday’s Open House At C.B. Fisk

For more info visit www.cbfisk.com


Greg Bover Shows How An Organ Is Designed At C. B. Fisk Part I

This is part of a multi part video series we will run this week in anticipation of the Saturday Nov 13th Open House in which the public is invited to play the organ and see the masterpiece in person.

For more information-


C B Fisk Open Shop Party To Celebrate Opus 137 November 13th

 Dear Joey,

As we do at the end of the construction phase of every project, we are having an Open Shop at our place on Kondelin Road, just off Magnolia Avenue, in the Cape Ann Industrial Park. The party runs from two o’clock to six o’clock on Saturday, November 13. We’ll be showing off our newest pipe organ, Opus 137 for Christ Church, Andover.

The picture below is of the design model we made in 1 to 16 scale. The organ itself stands 25 feet tall and weighs 11 tons. It is quartered white oak in an Arts and Crafts inspired style for this beautiful Richardsonian Romanesque church.

Folks can come and play the organ or just listen, get tours of the entire 25,000 square foot shop, and see how we create these enormous instruments from scratch. Even little kids are fascinated by the place.

Thanks for helping us get the word out, we appreciate it.



Gregory R. Bover
VP Operations, Project Manager
C. B. Fisk, Inc


C. B. Fisk, Inc. cordially invites you to our workshop
to see and hear Opus 137
A two manual, 32 stop organ for the
Parish of Christ Church
Andover, Massachusetts
November 13, 2010
2 PM – 6 PM
21 Kondelin Road
Gloucester, MA
Rte. 128 to Rte. 133, East 1 mile
Right on Magnolia Avenue, 1 mile
Right on Kondelin Road, 1/2 mile