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GMG Tech Talk- Where I Buy My Online Music and Why It Isn’t iTunes

I have an iPad, I love it.  I am not an apple hater, they make fantastic hardware.  You pay for the luxury of using apple products dearly.  I happen to think that I can create my blog way faster and efficiently using Windows 7 than a Mac but that isn’t what we’re talking about in this post.

Right now I’m going to tell you why I don’t buy my online music through iTunes any longer.

For a cell phone I have an android HTC EVO.  The thing can do a crazy amount of things way better than an iPhone because android’s operating system allows it to be customized way more than what you can do with an iPhone.  This is good AND bad.

For most people (read non geeky tech folks) I would recommend an iPhone over an android one.  The reason being that because android is SO customizable there are often little quirks that pop up like battery drainage if you are running some rogue app and other things that occasionally drive me nuts but because my android phone lets me do certain things for the blog way more efficiently, that’s why I’ll be sticking with android and the android platform.  Google basically pumps out a stupid number of awesome applications that integrate so well with it and they charge nothing for them but for people that don’t need all those bells and whistles the iPhone works great.

Anyway, here’s my second attempt to get back on track.  Online music purchases.

Amazon has an mp3 store and app for amazon which allows you to buy any music and it stores it in the cloud AND allows you to download it and sync it wirelessly with all of your devices. 

It bothers me that when I pay $1.29 for a song in my iTunes account, I can’t just find it in my iTunes music library and drop it into my android music folder for listening on my cell phone with headsets or through bluetooth.  I have to go in and convert the file over. 

With the Amazon mp3 store you click to buy the song on your desktop or your phone and once and it downloads it to the cloud for listening anywhere, then it syncs it with your desktop computer and cell phone AND here’s the kicker….. wait for it…….. syncs it with my iTunes account.  So you buy it for cheaper and you can instantly listen to it on all your devices using Amazon Cloud Player or you can pay more for it on iTunes, have to manually convert and then add the song to each of your other devices.

On top of that Amazon’s Cloud Player is free and will store 5GB of your music to the cloud instead of having to store it on your cell phone which leaves free space on your device for applications.


Here’s a video explaining it


Here is the music I’ve recently downloaded-


For those of you who are gonna get the Kindle Fire  this is a great way to buy and store your music.  Once you fire up that Kindle Fire your music will sync right to it.  Brilliant, the way it ought to be!