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GloucesterCast 104 Featuring Guests Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/16/14

GloucesterCast 104 Featuring Guests Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/16/14

Topics Include: Free Grand Prix Of Gloucester Cyclocross Rapha T-Shirt For One Of The First Ten Verified GloucesterCast Subscribers- Subscribe Here, Congratulations To Pat Conant Winner Of Facebook Contest, Thanks To Paul Morrison For Fresh Limes, Good Egg James Fiahlo Copper Dory Planter Raises $350 For Paul Russo Brain Cancer Foundation- High Bidder From Gayle Piraino GAP Promotions is the High Bidder, Clean Gloucester and The One Hour At A Time Gang Cleans First Parish Burial Ground, Revitalization Of Magnolia Continues, The Chesire Cat, The Magnolia Consignment Store,Chef From the Patio Now At Magnolia Pub, Sawyer Free Library, Passports Wine Dinner Coming Up This Thursday, Electricity Rate Wrinkle, Arthur Bevalaqua, Solar Panels, Gloucester Clam Ads Turn Out To Be A Positive, The Idea That Unless You Are Losing Money You Are A Bad Person, The Football Post, Over Prescribing Drugs To Control Kids,Science All Around Us, Nubar Alexanian, Tom Ellis,  Paul Boudreau, Turducken Is Out, What Will This Year’s Thanksgiving Food Fad Be, The Chateau’s Fried Ravioli, Joey’s Favorite Things- Krups Coffee Grinder, Bonavita Pourover Coffee Maker, Contigo Autoseal Coffee Travel Mug, Prynt , Taste Of Magnolia, Lillian LoGrasso’s Event, Lobster Trap Tree, Shop Rockport, TBT Post, Alpaca Sweaters, Brother’s Brew Will Be Open For Shop Rockport, Marshall’s Farm Stand, Thank You To Nichole’s Family To-Do Post, Joppa Flats, Ruby and Luke McElhenny and Dax Who Was Named After Dax Shepard, The Alpaca’s That Eat You.




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GloucesterCast With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Donna Ardizzoni

GloucesterCast With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Donna Ardizzoni Taped April 29th 2013

Click to listen- With Host Joey C and Donna Ardizzoni

Topics Include: Kim Smith, Moving To Gloucester, Good Harbor vs Wingaersheek, One Hour at a Time Gang, Best Outside Deck To Dine, Favorite Community Events, Block Parties, Celebrate Gloucester, Schooner Festival, Ravenswood vs Halibut Point Park, Kayaking Gloucester, Staying Positive


Saturday One Hour at Time Gang

Who remembers this song?  If you do not remember I can sing it to you while we are cleaning.

“Litterbug, Litterbug, shame on you!” “Look at the terrible things you do!” “Littering, cluttering every place.” “My, but it’s disgraceful!” “Litterbug, Litterbug, where’s your pride?” “Making a mess of the countryside.” “Soiling, and spoiling each lovely view.” “Shame, oh shame on you!” “It really makes one wonder what kind of house you keep.” “On every tour, the world is your personal garbage heap.” “Uncautious litterbug, litterbug, don’t you care?” “People must follow you everywhere.” “Cleaning up places that you’ve gone through.” “Litterbug, oh shame on you!”

We will be meeting again at St. Peter’s Square to do Main again and the Blvd.

It is Time

The One Hour At A Time Gang will be cleaning the streets starting this Saturday, March 23, 2013.  It is too bad that we all do not carry a bag in our car and pick up when we see the mess the winter and others have made.  Whoever wants to join us, we will be meeting at 8:00 am at St. Peters’ Square.  Please bring gloves and I will get the yellow bags.  If any readers know of a particular place that needs us, please let me know.  donna@circleconsulting.com

Thanks all and see you Saturday.

One Hour at a Time Gang

Since Saturday April 14, 2012 is street sweeping day, here are a couple of ideas for cleanup..       When:                  Saturday April 14, 2012

Where:                 Meet again at St. Peter’s Square

Time:                    8:00 am

We can pick up trash on the Blvd., Main and Rogers and have the streets nice and litter free.   Please let me know if that is a good idea.  Take care and thanks all Donna

One Hour at Time Gang

It is time to get the brooms and bags out to clean,  by the way we should clean up all year-long so here is your opportunity to make our city shine. I will get the bags from the DPW

When:         Saturday,  March 31, 2012

Where:         St. Peter’s Square

Time:           8:00 am

Thank you and see you there


What is Great Pond Status?

The point of the Aftermath video is to showcase the litter, not who owns the pond. Thank you Daniel for pointing out the litter and thank you Anonymous for sharing that Niles Pond has Massachusetts Great Pond Status. And thank you to all who wrote comments-it just goes to show how much we all care about our beautiful Niles Pond and surrounding environment.

Irrespective of who owns the pond, let’s all please not litter, and if you do see trash left behind, clean it up, and if you can’t manage the job yourself, email the wonderfully good eggs Donna Ardizzoni and her One Hour at a Time Gang for the really tough jobs.

Niles Pond Sunrise

From the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection website: Chapter 91 comprises four basic areas of geographical jurisdiction. Any activity that takes place in one of the hot link areas listed below requires Chapter 91 authorization. The areas are:

Flowed Tidelands – Any project located in, on, over or under tidal waters seaward of the present mean high water (MHW) shoreline. Jurisdiction in this case extends seaward three miles, to the state limit of territorial jurisdiction.

Filled Tidelands – The limit on filled tidelands is: A.) Outside Designated Port Areas, the first public way or 250 feet from mean high water, whichever is farther landward and B.) Inside Designated Port Areas, the historic MHW shoreline (i.e., all filled areas).

Great Ponds – Any project located in, on, over or under the water of a great pond. A great pond is defined as any pond or lake that contained more than 10 acres in its natural state. Ponds or lakes presently larger than 10 acres are presumed to be great ponds, unless the applicant provides unequivocal evidence to the contrary. Ponds 10 or more acres in their natural state, but which are now smaller, are still considered great ponds.

Non-Tidal Rivers and Streams – Projects located in, on, over, or under any non-tidal, navigable river or stream on which public funds have been expended either upstream or downstream within the river basin, except for any portions not normally navigable during any season by any vessel. Additionally, the Connecticut River, the Merrimack River and portions of the Westfield River are within jurisdiction.

Chapter 91: An Overview and Summary ~ Read more to find out how Great Pond Status directly affects Niles Pond: Read more

One Hour At A Time Gang Thank Yous From Good Egg Donna Ardizzoni

Thank you all The One Hour at a Time Gang,  yesterday for a great cleanup, also a special post for Bob Hastings he went out and bought a Graffiti eraser kit and took care the graffiti in the city yesterday, he also has donated money to Cape Ann Museum to help them paint over the graffiti on their buildings ..  all working together to make this city shine.

Thank you again my friend

Donna Ardizzoni

The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 6


In this episode- GloucesterCast Listener Poll results, One Hour at A Time Gang Shout Out, St Joseph’s Novena Crawl, Gloucester Glacier, Harbor Porpoise and Common Dolphin, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment, Kenny’s Gloucester Pizza Map, Cow Poop, Tech Talk- iPad & iPad2

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Please leave comments or questions on which topics you would like to hear more about on The GloucesterCast or how we could improve.  Thanks for listening.

Check Out Kenny’s Blog- TheCutBridge.com

The GloucesterCast Theme Song  Gloucester Til The End Music is from Earl and Arch- you can download it for free at GimmeSound here- http://www.gimmesound.com/EarlAndArch-1/

    Donna and Her Band Of Outstanding Citizens Start Up One Hour At A Time Gang March 19th


    Looking to make a huge impact with a bunch of like minded folks who love our fair city?  Well if you are just coming to GMG in the past 8 months you may not know about the fantastic job that this group does each week by picking a section of the city and meeting to spend an hour or so picking up trash  together.  If you are new to town or are a long time resident you can’t help but love the positive energy you will glean from this group of Gloucester’s finest.

    Here are the details for the first clean up of the season from Donna-

    Date:   Saturday:               March 19, 2011

    Time:                                   9:00 AM

    Place:                                  St. Peters’ Square.

    I will get the bags..

    Thanks all

    Donna Ardizzoni

    One Hour At A Time Gang Notice

    From Donna Ardizzoni-


    Hi All
    Just a reminder about Saturday am.
    Time: 8:00 AM
    Where: Bottom of Stage Fort Park on the Blvd.
    When: Saturday July 3, 2010

    Please bring gloves.. we want to make the city shine for the Horribles Parade and the Fourth of July….. It would be great to see as many people as possible so we could get to the Park, Blvd and Main and Rogers..

    See you all.

    Thanks again… spread the word

    Donna Ardizzoni


    One Hour At A Time Gang Clean Up This Saturday

    A bunch of folks met each Saturday morning last year to spend a little time outdoors and clean up City Streets that could use a little trash pick up.  Our very own very good buddy Donna Ardizzoni fills folks in on where to meet and everyone sets off to clean up a certain section of the City each Saturday morning.  It only takes an hour or two of time but you get out in the fresh air, meet like minded folks that love our city and feel great about what you’ve done afterward.

    From Donna Ardizzoni-

    Hi All:

    Hope all had a great weekend and are dry….

    When:                                  Saturday:             April 3, 2010 8:00AM

    Where:                                 Meet at St. Peter’s Square

    What to do:                        I think we should go down Main and Rogers and also some of the Boulevard..  especially if we have some brooms, shovels, etc.                                                        Due to the weather coming in, we need to clean as much as we can especially on the streets and near the Tavern.

    Thanks to all and please pass the word..  we will make this city shine…  and show how beautiful it is

    I will bring the bags from the DPW…

    Stay dry…..


    From The Good Eggs Folder One Hour At A Time Gang Clean Up

    From Donna Ardizzoni-

    Hi All:

    Hope everyone had a great summer…  loving the beach …  As I was walking up Fitz Hugh Lane area, noticed a mess.  I think that would be a good place to fix up.  Please let me know what you all think and hope to see everyone at the Block Party on Saturday evening..  Looks like great weather.

    Take care

    Donna Ardizzoni

    One Hour At A Time Gang Notice From Donna Ardizzone

    One Hour At A Time Gang Notice

    One Hour At A Time Gang Notice

    One Hour At A Time Gang Notice From Donna ardizzone-

    Saturday:                             July 18th,  2009

    To keep our city clean and especially for the Block Party in the evening

    Where:                 St. Peter’s Square

    Time:                     8:00 Am

    To Clean:  Main and Rogers’ Street

    I will bring bags…  please bring gloves

    The best before and during the block party is to make reservations at your favorite  restaurant or somewhere you have never eaten for a great meal, also our great shops to buy that special gift for family members, friends and especially a grandchildren…

    Looking forward to seeing all, Donna

    One Hour At A Time Gang Notice

    From Donna Ardizzone-

    Hope you all enjoyed today and the sun and of course our beautiful beaches.  Next week on Saturday, June 20th, is the first block party.  It sounds like a great time to do cleanup on Saturday morning on Main and Rogers.

    Day:       Saturday:   June 20th, 2009

    Time:     8:00 am

    Where: Main and Rogers

    We can meet at St. Peter’s Square…

    I will get bags from Kathy Middleton..Fun night will follow…Looking forward to seeing all.

    Donna Ardizzone

    Donna Ardizzone

    One Hour At A Time Gang- Railroad Station Near Shaws

    From Donna Ardizzone-

    Hi all:

    Great day today with the weather….  We are so ready for sitting at the beach with a large print book.   I received an email about the trash around there.  How does that sound?

    Saturday:                             June 6, 2009

    Railroad Station:               Near Shaw’s

    Time:                                     8:00 am

    Looking forward to seeing you all.  Thanks again …. You are all the best.


    On Hour At A Time Gang-Stage Fort Park Clean Up

    From Donna Ardizzone-

    Hi All:

    Hope everyone had a great weekend.    Since summer is officially started I thought Stage Fort Park and beach would be a good place to start.

    Saturday:  May 30, 2009

    Stage Fort Park

    8:00 Am

    Meet At The Visitor’s Center

    Note to those thinking about going.  This will be a great time to pop in and check out the renovations at The Visitor’s Center.

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