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The One Armed Cigarette Smoking Worker

I remember back in the late 80s when the dock was way busier with about 40 dayboats and many lobster boats that used to offload at the dock. 

You have to imagine tens of thousands of pounds of fish all stacked up in totes and bushel baskets waiting to be sorted and packed for New York and Boston markets and trying to get it all done before the last trucks would leave Gloucester for the next day’s marketplace.

We had an employee that would smoke or pack lobsters one handed.  There was about 6 of us working our asses off trying to get everything done and here’s this big guy handling a fish pick or lobsters one hand at a time.

The guy was twice my skinny size and I’d just look at him til I couldn’t take it any more.  “You do realize you’re doing half the work as everyone else, right????  you’ve got two hands, use ‘em.”


This scene today at the dock reminded me of that guy back then.