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Trio in Rio and other Olympic stories to watch and remember

Olympics open tonight

With Rio’s challenging current events and Olympic travails, I thought Mashable did a good job on this Olympics round-up:

Mashable Olympic highlights


Sailing fans

There’s at least one person from Gloucester in Rio for the Olympics in an official capacity. I know this because I read Nick Curcuru’s interesting article from today’s Gloucester Daily Times: Ben Richardson Heading to Rio as US Sailing Olympic Committee Chairman 


Remember to toast James Brendan Connolly

I wrote about the very first Olympic winner in 1500 years having a Massachusetts and Gloucester connection, author James Brendan Connolly. Connolly won two gold medals in the Athens Olympics in 1896: Before he was a Harvard spurner, a Veteran, a Gloucester Master Mariner, a sea tales chronicler and beloved writer,  James Connolly was one of 14 American athletes to compete in the international Games of the I Olympiad in Athens, Greece, 1896. 


I wonder about other Olympic athletes with Gloucester ties.

Will you watch any Rio events? cue GMG poll

Yellow Water Nasty Rooms- Welcome to Sochi!

If this doesn’t highlight in boldface italicized underlined font that Big Time Sporting Events Belong In Big Time Cities I Don’t Know What Does.  Who is on the Olympics Committee?  Fire the whole lot of them.  Like yesterday.  They shouldn’t be making decisions any more.  Who the hell wants to go to this dumpy ass third world city to celebrate the biggest sporting event on the planet- The Olympics?  This is where you hole up the most elite athletes in the world?  Hotels with brown water?  Mickey Mouse sheets?  WTF is going on over there??????  Imagine you train your whole life for the winter Olympics dreaming of St Moriz Switzerland, Vancouver, Turin, Oslo, and then you get off the plane in Sochi, check into your room, turn on the water and its urine colored and the beds are better at the Pine Street Inn.

Lets see I’m on the Olympics Hosting City Selection Committee and I’m gonna pick a world class city to host the 2014 Olympics.  You don’t suppose that all that Russian oil money doesn’t come into play?  Has to, right?  I mean how else in the world do you justify picking this kind of third world hotel hosting city over a real big time developed country.  (and I understand that these aren’t really third world country conditions, but compared to US hotel Standards and real International City Standards they are)

This goes for the Superbowl too.  (and I’m aware that there’s talk of a Superbowl coming to Foxboro)  Let me just state for the record- Probably no one deserves more respect in the NFL than Bob Kraft.  Classy, took a team from despair and turned them into Champions, humble, the whole works.  They did a great job with Patriots Place, the mall , the dining options, the hotels, ect, ect.  But lets not get crazy here.  Foxboro is a blip of a town with such little to do.  It’s  SOOOO far removed from a real City that the poor people that would come up here to watch and cover the Superbowl  would be scattered all over the place and there would no way to cohesively host them.  Not like they can in New Orleans, San Fran, Miami or Dallas.

Put me in the camp that says that these events should only be held in Cities with tons of awesome hotels and restaurants and fun things to do.  Foxboro?  Really???  

Hmmm, lets see where would I rather spend  a 4 day weekend to celebrate the Superbowl in February? 

Miami, nah, too warm and sunny and too many awesome restaurants and sights to see. 

New Orleans?  No way.  Place is wayyyy too fun and centrally located and set up for a huge event like the Superbowl.

Oh, I got it!  Foxboro!!!!  That thriving metropolis where we can have people have to drive to get to and stay in other cities like Providence or Boston, no where near the stadium and for there be no way to cohesively party with all the other fans rooting for your team.

Yeah, that’s the ticket, Foxboro.





Do You Care About The Olympics?


You know the last time I gave a shit about the Olympics?

USA v Russia 1980.

I was laid up in bed with a broken leg that I suffered when I fell off the t-bar on my way up the bunny slope to my first ever skiing lesson, my first time ever on skis.

That Olympics was great and I would argue the pinnacle of American pride that I can remember during my lifetime.

But now I don’t know a single person that cares a bit about the Olympics. No one.  Well no-one except the athletes themselves and family members I suppose.

The amount of money poured into advertising for the Olympic games and the stadiums built are staggering.   I don’t know if it’s worthwhile for these companies or not to spend this much dough on advertising.  You would think their marketing teams would know what they are doing at these huge companies but then again think about all the companies that overpay for naming rights to stadiums when they are flush with cash and we only find out a couple years later they go bankrupt.  I suppose blowing tons of money on stupid campaigns doesn’t help the bottom line but whatever, it’s not my dough.

As a devout and completely biased homer for all teams that represent our geographic region and USA in the Olympics this isn’t a slight to the athletes, I wish them the best.  I just don’t know when the whole allure of the Olympics fell apart for me and I wonder if others feel the same.

Vote for how much you enjoy the Olympics below-

Matty Olson, owner of Surfside Subs just stopped by to pick up his lobsters to make his outstanding lobster rolls and I asked him when was teh last time he cared about the Olympics.  his response- “Never”  I asked what about the Miracle on Ice?’
His reply he was too young to remember that because he’s 35.
I rest my case.