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Sista Felicia Keeps Grandma’s Recipes Alive Through The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times Series

Every Christmas this dish was prepared by grandmother Felicia. It is an assortment of raw vegetables specially marinated in oil and vinegar and placed around the living room and kitchen in serving dishes. The main ingredients are carrots, celery, onions and extra large Sicilian green olives. Everyone who grew up with this dish ended up having their favorite vegetable that they would choose, hoping that they could get them before someone else did.

The celery and carrots are cut julienne style to allow more of the marinade flavor to penetrate and the olives were prepared by Felicia’s grandfather using a special cooking implement, his hammer. Rather than try and pit them, just smash the olive and place in the salad along with all of the other vegetables. The pit will come out easily once someone goes to eat one.

Click The Picture For The Video at The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times Site


At the site there are options to print the recipe and share it.  This is one of my favorites from our Grandmother Felicia