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Chickity Check It! Heather Atwood Puts The Spotlight On Sicilian Food Traditions With Sister Felicia

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From The Gloucester Daily Times-

Keeping tradition as others fall out of flavor

Food for Thought Heather Atwood

No one can deny how fast the world has changed in this century, or the velocity with which we’ve discarded cultural traditions. Many ethnic foods are seen in the rear-view mirror as the bus pulls out of town, leaving behind raw sea urchins eaten at a picnic table, scooped with a hunk of crusty Italian bread, and speeds toward a horizon at which everyone eats basically the same 12 dishes.

Communities forever defined themselves by the foods they made, but now most children in this country choose macaroni and cheese over just about anything. Women choose Caesar salads, and men Buffalo wings. This is not about “local” or “sustainable” foods; it’s about the fact that some dishes — recipes that absolutely described who a person was and what community they lived in — for whatever reason are not so slowly fading into the past. Fortunately, in some cases, they are simply evolving into something different.

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Latitude 43 Waiting Lounge

Latitude 43 Waiting Lounge, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Beautiful room. Warm, inviting.

A huge thank you should go out to folks that have the confidence and willingness to investthis kind of dough in Gloucester.

This place is yet another reason Gloucester has it all over the muckey muck towns a little further up the line that pretend to be great but have no soul.