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Oceanside Hotel Menu September 1, 1947 Magnolia MA

Good Evening Joey,

I was going through some papers today and found a dinner menu from the Oceanside Hotel

or the night of September 1, 1947.  My mother, who was a 17 year old nanny,  told me she had saved it from her trip there with the Drucker family for whom she worked.  When I googled the hotel, I found your blog. 

I have attached a scan of it.  If this is something that you would like for your collection, I would be happy to forward it.  My mother had kept it folded all these years, so it shows some wear.  I would like very much to give it to someone to whom it means more, either yourself or anyone else, as she passed years ago and it does not hold much sentimental meaning to me.

Hoping you may want it,

Sharon Viola

Oceanside Hotel