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My message to all those folks asking me to join the Occupy Boston Movement:

If there was some type of message I might be able to discern from your movement I might consider joining the cause but to be honest I‘m exhausted working close to 100 hours a week trying to do the right thing and support my family.

If y’all ever get your shit together and come up with a bullet list that doesn’t include bailing on your financial and personal responsibilities I might consider it.

But until then I’ll be down the wharf grinding out a living. 

Good luck. 

You can read my rant here, it was about personal responsibility ,not about bailing on it.

If you want, what would be near the top of my list after the Congressional reforms, would be shareholder revolt.  Shareholders should demand  that the board of directors of these big public companies get haircuts in pay and they need to return more dough back to the shareholders.  After all, that is the reason you buy stocks to begin with- to participate in that company profits in the form of dividends.  Companies are sitting on record amounts of cash but they don’t even pretend to return it to the investors in higher dividends.  Could you imagine how much they would be rewarded by folks that can’t get by on the meager returns in banks if they could get reasonable dividend returns?

Get rid of lobbyists, and stop putting barriers and ridiculous demands on small businesses to drive them out and into the hands of large businesses and when I say large business I don’t mean 50- 500 employee companies I mean Fortune 500 companies.

Did I hear that the big unions are getting involved?  What a shame it would be if all the good that might have come from it ends up being something that hurts small businesses, because you know that’s generally who ends up taking it in the culo.  Small businesses and the middle class working man.