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The Obnoxious Bike Rider Rant

I’d first like to state for the record that I am a huge supporter of all forms of bike riding, bike riding competition, bike riding for fun and bike riding as a means of transportation.

I am also all about bike rider safety and hope all bike riders wear light colored clothing with reflectors and take every precaution to keep themselves safe on the road.  Now that I’m older and my eyes get worse and worse each year I understand how difficult it can be to  see dark objects at night and why the reflective strips and light colored clothing is.  I hope everyone everywhere respects bike riders and bike riders safety.

imageNow having said all that I would like to ask a little favor of all the bike riders out there.  For the love of Christ if you are out for a bike ride could you please please please stay as close as you can safely stay to the right hand side of the road?

As I was just coming back from making a lobster delivery I get behind a row of about 10 bicyclists.   Out for a leisurely ride and on busy rogers street about half of them are 6-7 feet into the middle of the road while there is a line of cars behind me and a ton of oncoming traffic on the other side of the road.

If you safely hug the right hand side of the road I’d have no problem passing right by you but you grape smuggler funny bicycle short wearing bananaheads feel it necessary to take up the whole road.  I could floor it and squeak around your inconsiderate ass but that’s not my style.  As the Mrs constantly reminds me I drive like a grandmother, a slowpoke.

And why is it that there seems to be a correlation between the outrageousness of the bicycle outfit and the obnoxiousness of the road hogging.

Like the crazier the outfit the more of the road the feel they own.

I ask that if you are a bicycle rider and again you should be commended for trying to stay fit with such a great outdoor activity, but please try to be considerate of the folks that share the road with you and stay as closely to the right hand side of the road as you can.  Us motor vehicle operators want nothing but the safest of driving environments for you.

Thank you

You just know this dude doesn’t give a shit who is behind him-


Forget about these guys- I’m guessing they ride in formation five across, blocking entire lanes while holding conversations about their nut sacks and how they could possibly mash their junk up more.-


I Swear If I Get Another Linked In Invitation Reminder I’m Gonna Jump



You know how there are those little annoyances in your life that after a while get under your skin?   One of mine is this social media company Linked In.

Listen, I like Social Media.  A blogger generally gets how useful a tool it can be.  Even though I don’t use Facebook I recognize how powerful and fantastic a way it is to communicate.  It is taking over the world, believe me.  The only reason I’m not on Facebook is because of the dedication to GMG. If I ever got started with FB the time suck would take away from this great thing we’ve created and we can’t have that now can we?

I’m a fan of Twitter and how effective a communication tool it is.  140 characters easy-peasy directed to exactly who you would like and delivered to their mobile device, desktop or  email.  Fantastic.

I just don’t feel the need to be on another Social network and especially one that seems so goddamn desperate that they can’t take no for an answer.  For any of you who are choosing this Linked In social media thing I’m guessing you are doing so because it is what they are selling you as the business type of social media much like they try to sell business people on the inferior Blackberry technology over Android or even better iPhones.

Listen to me- when you sign up for this Linked In service and send out messages to everyone in your email contact list, they are just hammering your contacts with invitation reminder after invitation reminder even though you’ve already ignored the last one because you don’t feel like having to tend to yet another social media service.  Trust me on this- no one gives a fuck about Linked In- all the cool kids are on Facebook.

I understand why they send these invitation reminders.  It is because for you to accept the invitation to join the person on Linked In, you need to join Linked In.  They would like to build up a network much like Facebook and possibly sell it for a bazillion dollars but friends believe me, it’s an also ran much like Blackberry will be and Nextel.  Just because they TELL you it’s for business people doesn’t make it a better technology.

Please for the love of god don’t send me any more Linked In invitations because much like the past 7,000,000,000 Linked In invitation reminders they will be ignored.

Please don’t take this that I still don’t love you and want to hear from you.  I’m just trying to enlighten you on what the hell is going on with this brutally obnoxious social media company.

I’d like to be Linked Out