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Gloucester IDRC presents the Oar Master’s Cup Race

The Oar Master’s Cup Race is the only annual dory rowing competition which pits single rowers against one another in multiple heats over a set course to determine the fastest singles rower in the USA .  The 2013 course will begin at the Maritime Center pier and proceed out around Ten Pound Island and back (1.75 miles).  Heats will be limited to 4 dories provided by the IDRC and the fastest time will be crowned the Oar Master 2013.  This annual race will take place this Sunday, September 29th at 10 AM (best viewed from, and rowers report to Maritime Gloucester Center …dories will be towed over).  The Oar Master’s Cup race is open to all IDRC members and you do not need to be an advanced rower to compete.  As long as you can navigate the course, you are encouraged to sign up and enjoy a great day of rowing and camaraderie with your friends from the IDRC!!!

As a special tribute, the 2013 Oar Master’s Cup Race will be dedicated in memory of IDRC member Mike Regan of Springfield , MA .  Mike was a fan of dory rowing and loved to get out for a row in a dory when visiting Gloucester .  He passed away suddenly last month and will be dearly missed by his friends and family.  All members are encouraged to come down and row or watch, then join us for a light luncheon to celebrate life and Mike.

Please shoot me an email if you would like to register to race or if you can help with race logistics on Sunday.



Len Robertson 2011 Oar Master with the cup

Oarmaster’s Cup Race on Sunday, October 14th at 10 AM Niles Beach

The International Dory Committee will be holding the annual Oarmaster’s Cup Race on Sunday, October 14th at 10 AM Niles Beach , Gloucester .  Our course will start off the beach and go out around Ten Pound Island , then back to the beach.  The best time of the day will be crowned Oarmaster.  Please join us to compete for the cup, cheer on you fellow rowers, or buy your 60th Anniversary T-shirt to help a great organization continue to thrive for years to come.  Can Len Robertson retain his title in 2012, or will Jimmy T or Joe Sanfilippo regain this coveted award for the best singles dory rower in Gloucester ?  Please let us know if you would like to compete or help out at the beach.

Another important date for IDRC faithful is next Tuesday, October 9th at the St. Peter’s Club where we will hold our annual meeting starting at 7 PM.  All who would like to contribute something in 2013 are encouraged to attend.  We really need the help of our members to accomplish goals of a youth rowing program, improved race day involvement and boat revitalization/maintenance.

Look forward to seeing you all at these important events.

Erik Dombrowski & the IDRC Board of Directors


Oarmaster’s Cup Report From Jimmy T

This just in from Jimmy Tarantino-

Oarmaster’s Cup

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It grieves me tremendously to report to you that the Oarmaster’s Cup has
been savagely ripped from my possession. Though nine  warriors braved
the high wind and waves, all posting good times, one time far exceeded
all others. With an UNBELIEVABLE time of 17:56, Joe Sanfillippo is the
new Oarmaster. Joe was in the 1st heat with Dave Perkins, 19:18, and
Bill Edmunds 20:04.
Second heat: Jim Tarantino 18:38, Dave Buchanan 19:53, Hillary Frye 24:47.
Third heat: Erik Dombrowski 18:41, Alex Thomas 20:58, Damon Cummings 23:05.

Eliminations to determine who will represent the US in Canada, on the
Weekend of September 12th, will be held this coming Saturday.
Registration is at the usual time (see website) this coming Friday
night. I believe there are no women’s crews training so any Supermodels
who would like to win a free trip to Canada need just register Friday

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