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Cape Pond Ice in NYC and the Marathon

Bob Cornell writes-

Hello Joey,

Thought you might get a kick out of this.

My daughter Stephanie Cornell ran the NYC Marathon yesterday—her first.  I had my iPad fired up and open to the ING NYC Marathon website so I could track her progress on the map.  At the same time I was following along on my iPhone in Google Maps StreetView so I could see something of what she was seeing as she ran, although in photos taken some time ago.  From mile 15 to 16 the runners cross the Queensboro Bridge then turn north on 1st Avenue .  As she crossed East 86th Street I was surprised to see a StreetView photo of a Cape Pond Ice Truck at 86th and 1st.   I took this reminder of home sweet home as a good omen. 

Although she didn’t quite meet her goal of doing the Marathon in less than five hours—mostly due to having to run through the pain of a couple of previous injuries—she was delighted to have finished in 5:41:48 and got many cheers and kudos from friends and family.  She said that at one point she entertained the idea of taking the subway to the finish.  I’d have taken the subway from the other side of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge at mile two.  Bravo Stephanie!

Bob Cornell

Cape Pond Ice at 86th StSmiling Steph with medal

What’s A Lobster Dealer Eat For Thanksgiving?

Why Lobster of course. 

The folks that read the blog know that we spent Thanksgiving in NYC. 

After the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade and watching the Pats we went out to a great restaurant in Chelsea – COOKSHOP. 



Now I don’t know about you but if you are going to give me an option to eat lobster over turkey I’ll take lobster 100 times out of 100.  COOKSHOP offered a multi-course prix fixe menu.


Here is my first course, the roasted lobster salad.  Avocado, cilantro,red onion, lobster and roasted chili sauce.  It was RE-DIC-U-LOUS!


The main course was Beef Short Ribs.  Man o man.  It was great.  Loved eating out and being able to enjoy each other’s company instead of the mass hysteria that can be associated with huge Holiday meals.  I vote that we eat out every thanksgiving!


Jaime’s Pumpkin Soup


Snoop Maddie Mad Digging NYC Video

30 hour round trip to NYC for a Macy Thanksgiving Day Family Holiday.  Traffic wasn’t at all what I had suspected as we made it door to door in under 4 hours.  Once we got to Meg and Jaime’s swanky pad the girls were all charged up and it took a while to settle them to bed.