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We Need This Class Up Here On The North Shore! “Penalty for Rule-Breaking Bicyclists: A Remedial Class” From The NY Times

Whoever put these laws into effect get them up here STAT!

Penalty for Rule-Breaking Bicyclists: A Remedial Class

New York Times
Published: July 23, 2012


The eight wrongdoers sat inside a windowless basement classroom, serving a court-ordered penance for their transgressions. For the next 90 minutes, they would learn about the proper rules of the road, how to use hand signals and when to change lanes safely — even if most did not believe they had done anything wrong.

“He said I wasn’t in the bike lane,” said Kenny McKissick, a 32-year-old messenger. “But I was on the line.”

This spring, the Midtown Community Court began sentencing cyclists who had been issued tickets for certain offenses in and around Midtown Manhattan to a class to learn about bicycles and traffic.

Think remedial driver’s education — for bike riders.

“You couldn’t possibly ticket all of the stuff you see irresponsible cyclists do,” said Judge Felicia Mennin, who worked with the nonprofit organization Bike New York to develop the new sentencing option.

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Again, just to clarify I am 100% in support of responsible biking.  It is the inconsiderate road hog bikers that ride in the middle of the street for miles and miles that drive me nuts. 

Just look at this form-


That’s how you do it baby!  Nice and tight to the side, single file, not out in the middle of the road trying to pretend I’m Lance Armstrong, comfortable camos, no silly polka dotted banana yellow shirt.  Just chillin like it aint no thang.

I could teach that damn class and you know what the first thing I’d tell the students?

Lose the funny outfits bros.  People are laughing at you, I don’t want you to look silly, I’m just here to help you look like less of a bozo.

article forwarded by Martin Daley

Catherine Ryan Kicks The NY Times In the Nuts With Her Killer Edward Hopper Interactive Maps and Photos and Other Stuff

8 Slides from the NY Times vs 100 Hopper Slides from Catherine Ryan, Who Ya Got?

The NY Times Features 8 Hopper Slides Here

Catherine Ryan’s awesome Edward  Hopper Gloucester MA Website-


ZAPD http://5trg.zapd.co/

Catherine Ryan’s Edward Hopper Gloucester MA Interactive GOOGLE MAP Below

Click on map for descriptions and Hopper Tour Directions/Explanations


GOOGLE DOCS Featuring over 100 Slides


The Taormina Sisters and the Misuraca Brothers Gloucester Families Make The Coveted NY Times Wedding Section

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The Taormina Sisters and the Misuraca Brothers

THE back-to-back weddings on a rain-drenched day in Gloucester, Mass., might never have happened if Caterina Taormina’s older sister Patty Hodges did not have a big mouth.

Enlarge This Image

Jodi Hilton for The New York Times

Annie Taormina and Kyle Misuraca after their ceremony.

Patty knew that Brian Misuraca had been in love with Caterina, who goes by Katie, since high school. She shared the secret with Brian’s boss in a chance encounter at a restaurant in 2009, and when word got back to Brian, he left a decidedly mixed message on Katie’s phone.

“I hate your guts,” he said. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

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Chickity Check It!- Let Us Eat Fish By RAY HILBORN In the NY Times

Thanks to FOB Kevin Henry who forwarded this to me-

Let Us Eat Fish

Published: April 14, 2011 NY Times

THIS Lent, many ecologically conscious Americans might feel a twinge of guilt as they dig into the fish on their Friday dinner plates. They shouldn’t.

Over the last decade the public has been bombarded by apocalyptic predictions about the future of fish stocks — in 2006, for instance, an article in the journal Science projected that all fish stocks could be gone by 2048.

Subsequent research, including a paper I co-wrote in Science in 2009 with Boris Worm, the lead author of the 2006 paper, has shown that such warnings were exaggerated. Much of the earlier research pointed to declines in catches and concluded that therefore fish stocks must be in trouble. But there is little correlation between how many fish are caught and how many actually exist; over the past decade, for example, fish catches in the United States have dropped because regulators have lowered the allowable catch. On average, fish stocks worldwide appear to be stable, and in the United States they are rebuilding, in many cases at a rapid rate.

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