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Sista Felicia’s Confections for Tonight’s “Novena Coffee Time”


 nov pastry6

Cuccidatta Cookies


nov pastry 2

Champagne Cookies

almond macroon cookie

Almond Macaroon Cookies

Almond Macaroon Cookie Recipe is highlighted in my cookbook, “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia; Harvest”

nov pastry 4

Keeping mom very busy this week!

nov pastry 5

nov pastary1Nov pastry 8nov pastry 3

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The Faces Pastries & Nightly Rituals of the St. Joseph Novena 


Just prior to beginning our rosary prayer service, my “Cumnares” are buzzing around the altar, kitchen and dining room lending a helping hand with the many behind the scene rituals that are necessary to keep each evenings novena running smoothly and enjoyable for all who attend. It takes many helping hands to pull off this type of tradition for nine consecutive evenings. Many hosting families have a crew of  devoted helpers, who show up a little earlier each night and stay a little late to help with set up and clean up! The tasks of fixing the altar candles, adding new names to our growing prayer list, organizing and handing out prayer books, and preparing the dining room table for “Novena Coffee Time,” including the arrangement of  freshly baked desserts, preparing pots of Cappuccino, and the after coffee cleanup are all performed with love!

It’s with my deepest gratitude that I personally thank ! Bridgette Mathews Abbey Mathews, Andrea Randazza Carlson,Caryn Linquata Ryder, Nicole Imbrunone Curcuru, Mo Klop and Julie Sanfilippo, Eleanor Tucker, my mother Pat, daughter Amanda and all who pitch in to help me keep this tradition alive night after night!






The Novena Coffee desert assortment changes each evening, and never disappoints!



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St. Joseph Novena Coffee Time at Sista Felicia’s



Raspberry Shortbread cookies made by Susan Lovasco

Last night an assortment of freshly baked deserts were enjoyed during the customary “Novena Coffee” time following the rosary!


Tonight I’m planning to surprise the ladies with a few of my all time favorite sweet confections, Pinulata and Fried Ricotta Cassateddi.



pinulata  gmg post novena coffee

Click link below for my Step-by-Step Pinulata Video recipe


St. Peter Novena Day 6


Bridgette Mathews St Peter Altar Photo

Photo by Bridgett Mathews

St. Peter Novena Day 6


Ma Chi Siammo Tutti Mutti…..VIVA SAN PEDRO

The helping hands behind the rosary


Christopher Quinlan, grandson of Marie Linquata, is the man behind the scenes faithfully helping out each night. Christopher assists guests in and out of the elevator, assembles extra tables and chairs as needed, and keeps the activity in the kitchen running smoothly for “Novena Coffee Time”.  He is the perfect role model for our younger generation. Chris is committed to doing his part to keep this deep rooted Sicilian Tradition of “novena” alive for future generations by stepping up to the plate and getting involved. Hat’s off to Christopher! Thank you for all you do.

“Novena Coffee Time”


Cuccidati Cookies



Marie Linquata