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You Have Til The Last Day Of November To Join the Manchester Athletic Club for $1 instead of $129

I think it’s far and away the best athletic club North of Boston with the most to offer so when you get a chance to join for $1, how could you not take advantage?

Call 978-526-8900 to do it over the phone


Join The Manchester Athletic Club Now For Only $1 and Get The Rest Of November Free! #Boom!

Posted on November 19, 2012 by Joey C

I’ve been authorized to allow you to print this out, bring it in and qualify for this killer deal.

So click the title of this post, once you click the title it will open it up on it’s own page and underneath the graphic there will be a button that says print.

Hit that print button and print it out for a ridiculous savings!

You can also call and mention the offer at 978-526-8900 to take advantage.

Mention the $1 Free Joining and November Deal and score!