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North Shore Jazz Project One Year Anniversary Party At Chianti

Caroline Forrester writes-

Good evening! I wanted to share with you a musical video from the North Shore Jazz Project as we celebrated our 1st anniversary at Chianti’s in Beverly.

Last Sunday, we had an anniversary show featuring Gid Loring, Dave Sag, Mark Earley (Roomful of Blues), Dave Mattacks, Frank Hadley, John Hicks. We had some incredible musicians sit in: including our youngest player Brian King, a 16 year old trumpet player who is a junior at Masconomet. He knocked everyone’s socks off.

Please take a moment to watch the above video that Henry Ferrini produced. It is only 7 minutes long- — and if you need to skip ahead- go to 5.23 to see Brian King. Gid Loring is 83 and so great to watch– to see him exchange notes with 16 yr old Brian- this IS what the North Shore Jazz Project is all about.

We are at www.northshorejazzproject.org with many events coming up. We have an educational clinic- free- at Chiantis in December. Danny Harrington- saxophonist extraordinaire, Berklee Professor and board member will be running that program.

We are so appreciative of any attention you can bring us as our mission is to bring musical education to the forefront and give musicians an environment where performance can flourish. In one year- we have had over 10 concerts- including Joe Lovano. I hope you can come and see for yourself how dedicated we are to keeping this American tradition alive.

Hoping all is well with you and wishing you a happy and thankful thanksgiving!