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Natural Selection at Work


Bill O’Connor Writes-

Hi Joe,

Here’s a photo of two near winners of the Darwin Award from yesterday’s storm.  This was a few minutes before high tide at Good Harbor Beach.  Obviously, their need for attention far outweighed the value of the life of the person who was going to pull them out of the water if the undertow had taken them. Just a reminder to all the parents out there – make sure you teach your kids that it’s never a good idea to enter the surf in a storm surging tide during a Hurricane! The ocean is a powerful force and you should never taunt it like this.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


and here’s my Photo from 5:05 PM the Day of Hurricane Irene-

I was shocked that there were people bodysurfing and could not believe the stupidity.

(click the photo for the larger view)