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Noble Smith Has Some Nice Things To Say

Good Morning Gloucester:

Although a resident of Harpswell Maine, I am frequently in Gloucester where I consult with two organizations – The Schooner Adventure and the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter,

Early on in these consulting associations well over a year ago, I asked whether there was any publication that covered the area so that I could gain more perspective of its people, what they did and how they conducted their lives.  The answer was Good Morning Gloucester.

For the past year plus and every day I read GMG which arrives on my computer at around 9:30pm.  If I fall to sleep ahead of the transmission, I always read it when I wake up in the middle of the night.

It is a great service to the community and I wish Harpswell would do the same.  When I am in Gloucester for meetings, the subject of GMG always arises and I think people are a little surprised that a Mainer is right on top of all the local news – thanks to GMG.


Noble Smith