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Moonbeams Over Niles Pond

Yesterday afternoon I was photographing a friend’s garden, looking west towards the very last shimmer of sunlight as it melted into the horizon. I packed up my gear and while heading home, passed the rising Harvest Moon brightly illuminating Niles … Continue reading

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So What’s Up With This?

Looks like someone is selling Niles Pond, or at least the spit of land at its shore.  Anyone know what’s up with this?  It would be a shame not to be able to encounter lovely flowers like this rose mallow … Continue reading

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Crimson-eyed Rose Mallow Growing at Niles Pond

Please Don’t Pick the Wildflowers ~ Thank you! Hibiscus moscheutos, known by many common names including Swamp Rose Mallow, Swamp Mallow, Eastern Rose Mallow, and my favorite, Crimson-eyed Rose Mallow, is a wonderful perennial garden plant and when found in … Continue reading

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Black Crowned Night Heron

Encountered this fellow on a walk out Eastern Point beside Niles Pond.  Usually pretty shy birds, he just stayed put and let me photograph him.  I guess he wanted to be on GMG. E.J. Lefavour

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Niles Pond Ducklings

Late afternoon Monday while photographing around Niles Pond, I heard a soft rustling in the reeds nearby. I had been standing very still and was hoping it was the illusive muskrat who seems to be everywhere on the Pond, and … Continue reading

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What are you looking for?

Swan at Niles Pond

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Could we live in a more beautiful place?

Spring has barely sprung, but yesterday was a little taste of summer. I went for a walk in the late afternoon sunshine at Brace Cove and Niles Pond where I ran into my friends JoeAnn and MJ, who were also … Continue reading

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Peaceful Niles Pond

What a beauty of a day on Saturday.

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Niles Pond


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Vibrant Throbbing Wingbeats

Several weeks ago in one of my posts about Niles Pond at Risk, I wrote about the beautiful Mute Swans at Niles. A reader wrote requesting a description of a phrase that I used, the “vibrant throbbing wingbeats” of the Mute … Continue reading

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Niles Pond and Braces Cove From Larry Davis

Hi Joey, You have had a number of posts about the strip of land separating Niles Pond and Braces Cove.  In the late 50s, we could (and did) drive cars over that strip of land from Braces to the road … Continue reading

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Bird Watching at Niles Pond

   Click Gloucester Times for more on Bird Watching

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Niles Pond or Brace Cove

An embarrassment of riches ~ Whether dawn or dusk, when standing on the footpath between Niles Pond and Brace Cove, sometimes I can’t decide which direction to point my camera. When that happens I focus the video camera in one direction … Continue reading

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Niles Pond at Risk

The narrow strip of land that separates freshwater Niles Pond from the Atlantic Ocean was severely damaged during Blizzicane Nemo. In several places along the footpath, there are cuts clear through the granite dune and a sandy beach is forming … Continue reading

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Peek-a-boo, I see you

E.J. Lefavour

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Did You Know? (Eastern Point)

Eastern Point is the southern half of the peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern side of Gloucester Harbor. Without the peninsula, there would be no harbor. Eastern Point is about a mile and a half long and stretches … Continue reading

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Three Waters

On Eastern Point there is a lovely stately home called Three Waters, so named because from the property the inhabitants can view the three separate waters of Gloucester Harbor, Niles Pond and Brace Cove. One night recently I had a rare sleepless … Continue reading

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