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Happy Summer Solstice

Everywhere I traveled today, it was hard not to notice Rosa rugosa dazzling in bloom, not only becasue it is so pretty, but because of its welcome fragrance. That sublime combination of salty sea air and sweet roses beckons us to live everyday of our fleeting New England summer to the fullest.

Wishing Everyone the Happiest of All Summer Days Yet to Come! 

Rosa rugosa Niles Beach ©Kim Smith 2013

 Niles Beach Rosa rugosa

Happy Luau on Niles Beach!

Niles Beach Luau ©Kim Smith 2014With ukelelists, singing, leis, grass skirts, hula-hoops, an island-style feast, and a fleet of wa’a kaukahis (kids in kayaks)–this was a Niles Beach Sunday not to be missed!Ukelists Niles Beach ©Kim Smith 2014JPG

Niles Beach kid kayakers ©kim Smith 2014

Happy Birthday Esme!!!Esme ©Kim Smith 2014

Dawn and Michelle ©Kim Smith 2014Dawn Sarrouf and Michelle Anderson

Thank you to Dawn and Michelle for inviting me to stay and have a bite of Esme’s wonderful luau birthday feast. John and Dawn prepared the most yummy pulled pork, served on Mandy’s homemade potato rolls, and guests contributed super delicious accompaniments, including the best bean salad, homemade, crunchy coleslaw, and Nicole Duckworth’s to-die-for death-by-chocolate cake.

cupcakes ©Kim Smith 2014Cupcakes decorated by EsmeJohn and Dawn Sarrouf ©Kim Smith 2014John and Dawn Sarrouf

Jude and Ken Duckworth ©kim Smith 2014Jude and Ken Duckworth

Niles Beach Esme's bday ©Kim Smith 2014Nicole and Jude Duckworth ©Kim Smith 2014Nicole and Jude Duckworth

Friendships, Family, Food, and Pure Fun~ what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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Dory Race elimination results, Niles Beach 5/31/2014



Here are results if you do not have them yet,


At Niles Beach this morning, 5/31/14

Mixed Doubles

1. Jimmy and Laurel Tarantino

2. Elin DiAngelo and Mike Frontiera


1. Bye  –  Thomas Beaton and Tyler Edmonds


1. Bye –  Amanda Palazzola and Lindsey Rogers

Over 50 (wish it were over 75🙂

1. Lenny Billante and Jay Prince

2. Jeff Muise and Tom Conrad

3. Alex Thomas and Donny Favaloro

Seniors (Open) Two heats, runoff Monday

First Heat

1. Rob Morrissey and Joe Cominelli

2. Jimmy Tarantino and Tom Jarvis

3. Joe Sanfillipo and Mark Duval

4. Mike Harmon and John Scola

Second Heat

1. Mike Mitchell and Vito Giacalone

2. Nick and Chris Giacalone

3. Dylan and Alan Morrissey

4. Jerry Ciaramitaro and Billy Edmonds

2014 US Dory Eliminations Saturday 9:00 AM, Niles Beach , Gloucester


The Gloucester International Dory Racing Committee will be holding dory races this Saturday May 31st at Niles beach to establish which US teams will face the teams from Canada in this year’s International races (to be held Saturday, June 21st10AM at the Jodrey State Fish Pier).  Teams will compete in 5 categories:  Junior Men (18 & under), Mixed Doubles, Women Open, Masters (New 50 & over), and Men Open.  With many teams practicing this Spring, this year’s elimination races should offer some competitive and exciting races.  Competitors must sign up to compete tonight at St. Peter’s Square (downtown Gloucester ) at 6PM or email reply before 6PM.  Members and the general public can best watch the races on Saturday morning from Niles Beach in East Gloucester .  I hope you can take some time to come down and participate or watch our modern day competition of the historic art of dory rowing in America ’s Oldest Seaport.


Send Us Your Pet’s Selfie!

Rosie Selfie.-Recently Paul Frontier put out a call for selfies, which got me thinking about selfies in general. I love seeing people’s selfies, and as an artist (the original self-portrait-makers!) I would love to see even more selfies.

Rosie SelfieI asked my sweet terrier Rosalicious if she’d consider making a selfie and promised for her efforts that we’d post hers on Good Morning Gloucester. She jumped at the opportunity for the extra attention and gave it a whirl with my cell phone (she’s not that good at it but I don’t have the heart to tell her so, and besides, a promise is a promise).

Rosie Selfie.-3jpg

The above selfie is her ‘best of the bunch’ I think. It reminds me of Mariah Carey’s #Beautiful video, featuring Miquel, where Mariah is bathed in ethereal late day light.

Send to kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com your pet’s selfie between now and Tueday and I will post them this week.

Rosie Selfie.-2jpg

#Boom! Bradley Makes An Honest Woman Out Of Kimberly On Niles Beach Saturday!


photo 3 nb

Joey!  Happy October!  From Kimberly & Bradley
We did it!  Niles Beach, October 20, 2012
Mr & Mrs Bradley Scheetz
(Newlyweds & big fans of Mighty Gloucester)

Engaged On Pavilion, Married On Niles!

You may remember this post back on August 28th-

Newly Engaged FOBs Kimberly Funk & Bradley Scheetz!

Posted on August 28, 2012 by Joey C

Hi Joey-

My boyfriend (now fiance!) Bradley and I really enjoy your blog and we LOVE Gloucester (we definitely have the wheels turning for a relocation from Boston one day). Thought I would share a Gloucester story from this past Sunday..
We often come up on the weekends to hang out and one of the things we (mostly me) like to do is look for sea glass at Pavilion beach. That’s where we were this past Sunday when Bradley called me over to look at something in the sand. Just sitting on a rock was a beautiful shiny sparkly ring. I was a little slow..even thinking aloud that someone must have lost their ring..doh! Anyway it was for ME and we got engaged right then and there! We were super lucky that local, Amy Clayton happened to be on the beach and she snapped some pictures for us! Here our a couple of our favorites ..
Kimberly Funk & Bradley Scheetz


Oarmaster’s Cup Race on Sunday, October 14th at 10 AM Niles Beach

The International Dory Committee will be holding the annual Oarmaster’s Cup Race on Sunday, October 14th at 10 AM Niles Beach , Gloucester .  Our course will start off the beach and go out around Ten Pound Island , then back to the beach.  The best time of the day will be crowned Oarmaster.  Please join us to compete for the cup, cheer on you fellow rowers, or buy your 60th Anniversary T-shirt to help a great organization continue to thrive for years to come.  Can Len Robertson retain his title in 2012, or will Jimmy T or Joe Sanfilippo regain this coveted award for the best singles dory rower in Gloucester ?  Please let us know if you would like to compete or help out at the beach.

Another important date for IDRC faithful is next Tuesday, October 9th at the St. Peter’s Club where we will hold our annual meeting starting at 7 PM.  All who would like to contribute something in 2013 are encouraged to attend.  We really need the help of our members to accomplish goals of a youth rowing program, improved race day involvement and boat revitalization/maintenance.

Look forward to seeing you all at these important events.

Erik Dombrowski & the IDRC Board of Directors


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