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For youz not in the know, the 2013 Greasy Pole contest starts today at 4:45 at Pavilion Beach (if you don’t know where that is, just listen and follow your ears, fool). The first event took place in 1931, so this is the original “X-GAMES” kids. From all accounts, it appears that it will be high tide, or close to it, on every day for the walkers. If you’ve never experienced this event live, I suggest you do so today, Saturday, and Sunday (the day of Champions). And if you don’t have a friggin’ idea what I’m talking about, watch last years amazing winner Saturday, Nick Avelis, it’s a Ball Busta!  click the gear for HD…(now you know, so get your asses out there!)


Snapshots from this Morning’s Deviled Egg Competition

Contestants and judges ©Kim Smith 2013Contestants and judges left to right Janet, EJ, Joanne, Linda, Paul, Adam, Joey, Ed, Richard, with Gigi in the front

1st place winner ©Kim smith 20131st Place Winner Linda Sadja

Judges Adam and Joey EJ's award ©Kim Smith 2013Judges Adam and Joey

EJ 2nd place ©Kim Smith 2013EJ Wins 2nd Place

Gigi wins third ©Kim Smith 2013 copyGigi Wins 3rd Place

Nick Avelis and Dahlia ©Kim Smith 2013Nick Avelis and Dahlia

Brian M and Amelia ©Kim smith 2013 copyBrian and Emilia

Amelia and Dahlia ©Kim Smith 2013Emilia and Dahlia

Amelia mastering the trike ©Kim Smith 2013Emilia

Honorable Judges ©Kim Smith 2013Honorable JudgesHonorable Judges Paul M, Adam, Joey, Ed and Richard