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Whew! Whew! Whew! Hannah Kimberly featured speaker for Cape Ann Chamber Business Women’s Fall Luncheon

Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Annual Fall Business Women’s Luncheon, October 12, 11:30AM-1PM, Gloucester House, 63 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA

The Keynote Speaker will be Hannah Kimberly. I was reading Hannah Kimberly’s biography, A Woman’s Place is at the Top, about Annie Smith Peck when I heard the news that Saudi women would be granted the right to drive sometime in 2018 (though they still  need a sign off to marry, divorce, travel, get a passport, open a bank account.) I remember when my mother could get a credit card without my father’s signature. An Annie Smith Peck quote from 1874 brought to light in Kimberly’s research shows Peck knew this pain of persistent lobbying for permission:

“I have reflected for years, I am reflecting, I shall continue to reflect. The longer I reflect, the more convinced I am that it would be wise to go to college. Years ago I made up my mind that I should never marry and consequently that it would be desirable for me to get my living in the best possible way and to set about it as any boy would do. I do not think it is my duty to sacrifice myself, my happiness, and all prospect of distinction, to say nothing of usefulness for the very doubtful pleasure of my parents. Should I remain at home, as some people would have me, I should then be utterly unfitted for active life and should only be a burden to my brothers, useless and unhappy. If I am ever to be anybody or do anything, the time is now…John (her brother) would not have me on par with college graduates? Whew! Whew! Whew! What an opinion must he have of his own and William’s attainments if he considers that I am superior to what they were when they graduated…Why did John not pursue such a course as himself? ‘Too good talents to give them the benefit of a collegiate education.’ Dare you say that aloud? What if you applied it to a young man? Are you crazy? I am not afraid that my fame would be lessened should I be Valedictorian of the class of ’78 (1878!) in Michigan.” -Annie Smith Peck 

Michigan State fans will be happy:

Kimberly writes that in 1874 Peck “wouldn’t be able to place her finger on it at the time, but somehow, within her first semester, like the handful of other women studying the classics, Annie was treated as if she were equal to the men in her class. Indeed it was a blip in the history of co-education — a golden decade — when some of the first groups of women attended the University of Michigan and were recognized as mysterious, capable, attractive, intelligent, and not yet too numerous to be a threat to male power.” – Hannah Kimberly


Greatest Headline Ever- It’s Official “Naps & Lobster Are Good For Health” vis @CBSBoston

Uhmmmm, Heloooo I’ve been saying this for years!-
Naps & Lobster Are Good For Health

CBS Local-Feb 11, 2015

BOSTON (CBS) – For years doctors have been advising Americans to avoid eating certain foods high in cholesterol like eggs, lobster and shrimp, but new research suggests that this is not sage advice.

It turns out your blood cholesterol is dictated much more by genetics than by how much cholesterol you eat in your diet.

That said, saturated fats, like butter, cream, cheese, and animal fats play a larger role in the level of bad cholesterol in your system and those foods should still be limited to maintain ideal cholesterol levels.

Dr. Mallika Marshall says people with diabetes and certain other medical conditions should limit cholesterol-rich foods, but for everyone else, eating eggs and shellfish is probably fine.


Absolutely the greatest headline I’ve ever read.  Great work CBS Boston

Thanks for the tip Bippy

Common Crow Moving From 2400sq ft Space To 8000sq ft Space

Common Crow is Moving from their current 2400sq ft spaceacross the street to the former location of Camerons with over 8000 sq ft of healthy organic funky freshness.

If you’ve been in the Common Crow you know they’ve got this niche cornered locally and are bursting at the seams in their current location.  Common Crow is about to turn the local market game on it’s ear. 

Healthy Pre-Made Lunch Options Await At Common Crow


Christmas Tree Poll For Our Jewish Readers

I’m curious amongst our Jew buddies here on GMG, Do you freak out when you see Christmas Trees lit up on town squares or are those just the extremists Jews in the community raising a stink?

Personally I’m more pissed off that we’re gonna have to listen to Christmas muzak starting any day now all the way through January and at “those neighbors who leave their Christmas lights up past Easter”, but then again I’m not Jewish.

I just read the first of the obligatory annual “Jewish townfolk are pissed off because someone put lights on a Christmas tree” story in the newspaper and it struck me as being a bit early for that.

I’d like to know where the middle of the road Jews stand on this issue. Thanks in advance for your comments below.

I may lose my shit if I get another 3-4 Press releases per week from the same organizations over and over and over and over again

I like helping get the word out about all the cool stuff happening all over town really I do.

You know what I’m not a fan of?

Community organizations that send you thirty press releases from every member of their organization asking you to pimp the same event.

You gotta get your shit together people.  I can’t even imagine how the community editors of local newspapers handle these organizations after they’ve been doing it for 20 years.  I’d likely go postal, LOL

You have to talk to each other and have one point person who gets out your press releases and if you have two or three different events going on at your joint over the course of the week, combine the press releases into one email so we can put it all up there for you all at once and be done with it.

Think about the editor who isn’t just handling your press release, they are handling every other press release from every other organization in the city.

There are far more organizations that get it right but there are a select few that manage to hammer the crap out of news organizations multiple times a week and inevitably those same people are the ones who rarely send out a correct first release.  Inevitably there will be a follow up email asking you to make changes or changes to the revised copy they sent you the second go around.

ARGHHHHHH!!!!  Seriously You’re better than that!

Another great resource

One of the most viewed photos of the horribles parade on my photostream was this one:

These fellows are on the float for a new website, The Bridge.  They host videos, a short-format news feed, a blog, and more, from/about local Cape Ann businesses and organizations.  It’s a helpful and well-presented resource that complements GoodMorningGloucester and helps spread the news about all the great things going on here on Cape Ann!

International Dory Racing Committee News

As I’ve said in the past, the paltry amount of money it costs to join the International Dorys is the best value to get yourself on Gloucester Harbor all year long.  There is nothing like the oneness with the harbor that you feel once you pull away from the berth and all you hear is the woosh of your oars in the water. Check out the website here for more info


Hope your offseason workouts are going well!

It has been a great winter for rowing enthusiasts with the weather offering little cold, snow or ice to deal with.  The dates are set and the schedule is posted for the 2012 Season with our first boat maintenance date on March 31st.  We have also planned a 60th Anniversary dory fundraiser & Season kick-off party at the Legion on Saturday, May 12th, so save the date!

Dues letters will be going out soon, but you can save us a stamp by logging on to our websitewww.internationaldories.com, printing the membership application and sending it in.  While on the website, check out our virtual store link for dory apparel and our new facebook page that is also linked.  We are trying to organize a youth/novice program for the Spring for any new rowers that you know.  And, we are always looking for volunteers to help man our events and programs, so please let us know if you would be interested in helping out!

Gloucester IDRC

Board of Directors

Check out the Dory Slide Show-


The News From Rocky Neck via Judy Robinson Cox


2012 Goetemann Artist in Residence Program Applications
Available Online

Kathy Liao
2011 Goetemann Artist in Residence, Kathy Liau describes how Rocky Neck inspired her work

Be part of the next generation of 21st century artists to build on the foundations set by Edward Hopper, Milton Avery, Nel Blaine, Winslow Homer, and many others. We are currently accepting applications for the 2012 Goetemann Artist in Residency Program at the Rocky Neck Art Colony. Three visual artists will be selected to be in residence for three one month residencies during the summer season from May to October of 2012. Rocky Neck sits like a jewel in the large fishing harbor of Gloucester, MA. With rafted fishing vessels sitting below the stacked houses of surrounding hills, it has provided the visual drama and complex beauty to draw America’s greatest artists over the last 150 years to the oldest working art colony in the United States. Residents accepted will receive a prime live-work studio both private and on a wharf right in the midst of it all. Choices for subject matter are endless. Interpretive possibilities abound. We encourage applications from artists interested in the naturalistic phenomena of this place as well as from those on the cutting edge of contemporary thought and exploration.

Click to Download 2012 Goetemann Artist in Residence Application Form

Rocky Neck Art Colony Awarded North of Boston CVB Grant

The Rocky Neck Art Colony was among eleven non-profit organizations throughout Essex County that will receive grant funds as part of the North of Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau’s (NBCVB) Tourism Grant Program. Just over $30,000 will be awarded. Since 1994, the NBCVB has given nearly $1 million to local non-profit organizations as a way to promote the region as a travel destination.

Among the award recipients are Chambers of Commerce from Cape Ann, Marblehead, Newburyport, Salisbury, and Salem as well as the Topsfield Fair, Maritime Gloucester (formerly the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center), the Ipswich Visitors Center, Lowell’s Boat Shop in Amesbury, and Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester. Each organization is receiving funds to assist in the printing of promotional materials to help encourage visitors to choose the North of Boston region as their next vacation.

The Grant Awards will be presented during the Breakfast Program at the NBCVB’s 6th Annual Tourism Summit on Friday, February 3, 2012 at the Boston Marriott Peabody. The Tourism Summit is a day-long event with concurrent sessions and keynote speakers which discusses current trends in travel and tourism and advice on how to stretch your marketing dollars. This year, Chip Tuttle of Suffolk Downs will be speaking during the Lunch Program about the recently passed Casino Bill and what kind of effect it may have on the North of Boston community.

Any business within Essex County that is impacted by tourism is welcome to attend this event. Admission for NBCVB members is $60; Nonmember admission is $70. Tickets can be purchased online by visiting www.northofbostoncvb.org/conference.

<?xml:namespace prefix = pstyle="margin />The Rocky Neck Art Colony’s grant will pay 40% of the cost of producing the 2012 Rocky Neck Art Colony brochure and a full-page ad in the Cape Ann Chamber Guide. The $ amount is equal to $2734.


Cape Ann Museum

Mini Tours with Museum Docents Highlighting Their Favorites from the Collection

Back by popular demand! The WINTER SHORTS program is a day-long celebration with docents offering mini tours highlighting their favorites from the Museum’s collection. These tours are free and open to the public. Space is limited; first come, first served.

  • 10:30 a.m. Dragon Boats, Porcelains, … and Stowaways Treasures from China
  • 11:15 a.m. Contemporary Art A look at what has happened between then and now
  • 12:00 p.m. Design and How Virginia Lee Burton’s Folly Cove Designers
  • 1:30 p.m. Father and Daughter Captain Elias Davis and daughter Mary – an examination of their belongings
  • 2:15 p.m. Into the Woods A walk through decades of woodworking on Cape Ann
  • 3:00 p.m. Why Dogtown Belonged to Marsden Hartley. Hartley was passionate and possessed by Dogtown, come hear about when and why
  • 3:45 p.m. Keeping up with the Joans (of Arc) Anna Hyatt Huntington’s Joan of Arc in Gloucester and beyond

Don’t forget – the Cape Ann Museum is FREE to all Cape Ann residents through January 31. The Museum is closed to the public during the month of February.

M E M B E R   N E W S

Khan Studio /GMG Exhibit At The Sawyer Free Library

Good Morning Gloucester

Through January 31

See More photos


In 2011 seARTS secured a nomination for Cape Ann/Gloucester as a Top 25 Arts Destination by AmericanStyle Magazine. Thanks to your votes, we won the #3 spot on the list for small U.S. cities.

Voting time is here again, and this year, we want to aim for the #1 spot. To achieve this distinction, we need your help in spreading the word.

We’ve created a postcard announcing this year’s voting opportunity, and we’d like to ask you to post it, along with a link to the AmericanStyle voting page, on your websites and social media pages, and send it to your friends. If you would like hard-copy postcards, just let us know and we’ll be glad to send them to you.

Please click here for a downloadable JPEG of the postcard. Here also is the link to AmericanStyle Magazine’s voting page, which can be copied and pasted on your website or social media page: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3YYDSTL.

We hope you’ll join seARTS in this initiative to raise our cultural status. We can’t do it without you! For more information contact info@searts.org or call us at 978-281-1222. Sincerely, The seARTS Board

MON, Feb 27 : seARTS Annual Meeting
Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport, 6-9 pm

Save the date! The seARTS Annual Meeting takes place Monday, February 27. We’re planning a great conversation about cultural district designation with distinguished speakers Ann Galligan and Herb Weiss. Mayor Carolyn Kirk will be there, too. Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport, 6-9 PM. More details coming soon.

The News From Rocky Neck via Judy Robinson Cox


THURSDAY, Dec 15, 5-8pm


A very friendly update and reminder from Karen Ristuben

Our fund drive for The Center’s Feasibility Study and Option to Purchase needs your pledges right away. We are interviewing two excellent consultants this week, and would like to start working with one of them right after the New Year. And, our Center Steering Committee is meeting this Wednesday to get things rolling. But, we are still several thousand dollars short of our goal, so we need you now! Easy pledging & Paypal available under the church on the left.

Support Rocky Neck artists at the RNAC Winter Show

Open Mon – Sat: 10am – 6 pm, Thursdays till 8pm, Sundays 12 to 5pm

Rocky Neck Winter Show

Holiday Cheer at John Nesta Gallery, 37 Rocky Neck Ave

See John’s new collection of paintings, watch Dominic’s hand built model train set, and enjoy some holiday snacks every Saturday and Sunday before Christmas at the John Nesta Gallery on Rocky Neck.

Dominic Nesta

Annual Rocky Neck Plunge

Jan 1st 2012 12:00 PM (Noon) At Oak Cove Beach

Cathy McCarthy is organizing a food drive at the Plunge for The Open Door … Please bring these items that are most needed .. . TUNA, 100 percent juice, Hearty Soups, Peanut Butter, Pasta Sauce, Breakfast Cereal, Baking Items

It is really important that we help out and give back Please do so. Call Cathy McCarthy 978-282-7320 for more info.

Weekends in Rockport : Kathy Archer, Elynn Kroger,
Patti Sullivan,Tom Nihan

Cape Ann Studios, 2 Tuna Wharf, Rockport

Cape Ann Studio
L to R: Elynn Kroger, Kathleen Gerdon Archer, Tom Nihan

This weekend until Christmas, Tom Nihan, Elynn Kroger, Patti Sullivan and Kathy Archer will be showing their work at a new gallery called Cape Ann Studios, 2 Tuna Wharf in Rockport. Weekends, 11 to 5 or call 978-879-6211 to make an appointment. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by.

Cape Ann Studio

Marty Morgan Open House

4 Reasons to Take the Riverdale-Lanesville Stagecoach Route

Khan Studio

The News From Rocky Neck via Judy Robinson Cox


Pledge to support the Cultural Center Building Fund

former Christian Science ChurchSend in your pledge today to support the initial phase of the purchase by the Rocky Neck Art Colony of the former Christian Science Church property at 6 Wonson Street on Rocky Neck. The Center will be the organizational base and cultural center of the RNAC, and serve its core mission as an arts organization. In addition, the Center’s mission will be to enable positive community-building through both the arts and non-art-related uses.

Former Christian Science Church at 6 Wonson St. in Rocky Neck.

Download Pledge form or
Donate to the Rocky Neck Art Colony Building Fund. Click the Donate Button below to donate now by credit card. All donations are tax deductible.

Rocky Neck Art Colony

Join the Rocky Neck Art Colony now and your membership
is good until March 2013

If you are considering joining the Rocky Neck Art Colony, you can join now and participate in this year’s Winter Show in downtown Gloucester .(Information about the Winter Show willl be available early next week). Your membership will be good through all of 2012 until March 2013.

Click here to download a 2012 Rocky Neck Art Colony Membership Erollment Form

You’re invited to attend the State of the City in Rocky Neck

Saturday, November 5, 9 am, 6 Wonson Street (former Christian Science Church)

Hear Mayor Kirk explain the State of the City and what’s at stake for Gloucester’s future. Then participate in a round table discussion with Mayor Kirk, members of the City Staff and Residents.

GMG Web Cam installed at Rocky Neck Accommodations

Web Cam

M E M B E R   N E W S


The News From Rocky Neck via Judy Robinson-Cox


New Community Art Center?
Main room of the chuch property, photo by Tom Cox

At last Tuesday’s general meeting, the following proposal was approved
by an overwhelming majority:

That the Rocky Neck Art Colony undertake preliminary efforts toward purchasing the property at 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester (the former Christian Science Church) for the purpose of developing it into a center in the spirit of the mission outlined here.

Rocky Neck Art Colony

Join the Rocky Neck Art Colony now and your membership
is good until March 2013

If you are considering joining the Rocky Neck Art Colony, you can join now and participate in this year’s Winter Show in downtown Gloucester. Your membership will be good through all of 2012 until March 2013.

Click here to download a 2012 Rocky Neck Art Colony Membership Erollment Form

RNG Sign

SAT, Oct 15: Last Day of the Season for the Rocky Neck Gallery

Hours: 11am to 6pm

Rocky Neck Gallery, 53 Rocky Neck Ave.

The gallery is offering a 10% reduction on member’s work from Oct 1 to closing day, Oct 15.

The Roseway
The Roseway, photo by EJ

Did you Know? (Roseway)

(by Good Morning Gloucester contributor, EJ LeFavour)

That the Schooner Roseway hauled out this morning at Marine Railways? She’s a beauty. Stop by the Railways and check her out. Here’s some interesting history about her.

History of the Schooner Roseway
In the fall of 1920 a Halifax, Nova Scotia, newspaper challenged the fisherman of Gloucester, Massachusetts, to a race between the Halifax fishing schooners and the Gloucester fleet. Therefore many schooners, such as Roseway, built at this time were not strictly designed for fishing but in order to protect American honor in the annual races.

Click here to read the whole story

M E M B E R   N E W S


North Shore Arts

North Shore Arts Association concludes its 2011 Season
“Featured Artists” Exhibits with shows by Dianne Panarelli Miller and Cathy Landergan

Diane Panarelli
Last Light by Diane Panarelli Miller

From Monday, October 3 through Sunday, October 23, portrait and landscape artist Dianne Panarelli Miller’s works will be on display in the Gordon Grant Room.  Miller has received many awards locally and nationally in the thirty years she has been painting and is represented in many fine galleries, as well as in hundreds of private collections.  She is a signature member of the New England Plein Air Painters and has the distinguished honor of having been named “Copley Master” at the Copley Society in Boston.  She is also a member of the Portrait Society of America and Oil Painters of America.  A full-time painter, Miller is comfortable doing portraits and landscapes as well as murals and cityscapes.  In an effort to produce work unlike anyone else, she paints in her “own voice” from life and not photographs.  To see more of her work, visit www.diannepmiller.com.

T H E N E W S F R O M R O C K Y N E C K via Judy Robinson Cox

Watercolor Demonstration

Kate Somers
photo by Terry Del Percia

Kate Somers demonstrating water color techniques last week at the Rocky Neck Gallery.

Goetemann Artist in Residence

MON, Sept. 12, Eric Armstrong : Introductory Slide presentation
Rocky Neck Gallery

Brain Buggy by Conrad Armstrong
Brain Buggy (part of the Mnemonosphere cycle), 2010, 21.7" x 29.5"
Watercolor on glue gesso on panel

Conrad Armstrong is an American artist who currently lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic, where he splits his time between teaching English, making art, and exhibiting. One of Conrad’s primary interests is the intersection between landscape and memory in human culture and history. Over the last decade, Conrad’s work has dealt with this theme in various media and from different perspectives. Landscape paintings made from memory, topographic paper sculpture, mnemonically-encoded images, landscape installation, and drawing and painting in situ are all manifestations of this interest. In addition to this theme, Conrad has also produced other bodies of work and exhibitions on other subjects including fetish objects, the role of social networks in contemporary life, the relationship between cars and alternative modes of transportation, and the potential of the classroom as a creative space. Underlying all of Conrad’s work is a sense of curiosity, playfulness, and whimsy that results in a compelling and often funny experience for the viewer.

Conrad will talk about his work at 7pm on Monday, September 12, at the Rocky Neck Gallery, 53 Rocky Neck Ave.

Summer Artist Series

Through September 13: From Cape Ann to Tahiti
Oil paintings by Rokhaya Waring

Rokhaya Waring
Sunset, Opunohu Bay 20" x 20" , oil by Rokhaya Waring

Last June, I traveled to Moorea, a volcanic island in the middle of the South Pacific and part of Tahiti. Moorea can truly be called "Paradise on Earth". A place I had only read about was suddenly the place I stood, paints in hand. I often had the feeling there of being in a dream. I couldn’t help but think of Fletcher Christian and the Bounty or wonder where Gauguin and Matisse might have walked… My greatest challenge was seeing through its picture-postcard beauty. It is a real place, after all. On Tahiti I was drawn by the swiftly changing clouds, lush vegetation, and the colors of the ocean- the same elements I love about my home in Gloucester, Mass., on the Atlantic. As far apart as they are, each place has helped me see the other- more often contrasting though at times reminiscent.

Guest Artist
at Khan Studio

Dorothy Englander, Through Sept 15

Khan Studio / Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Madfish Alley

Dorothy Englander
Artwork by Dorothy Englander

Dorothy Englander, a resident of Albany, NY, holds an MFA from The University at Albany and a BS from Skidmore College. She has received awards for her work, which she has exhibited regionally and nationally since 1980. Her art is in public, corporate, and private collections. She has taught painting in college and private settings.
Dorothy works in a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawing, monotype, collage, and digtal imaging. She incorporates abstraction with recognizable imagery in her work.

Dorothy’s Guest Artist Exhibit at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck will run from Friday, 9/2 through Thursday, 9/15 with an Opening Reception on Saturday, 9/3 from 4:00-7:00 pm.

Khan Studio, Madfish Alley | www.khanstudiointernational.com | 857-891-9054

Summer Artist Series

Sept. 14 – 28: Four Seasons on Cape Ann: Its Sights, Its Creatures
BJ Wayne (oil)

RECEPTION: Saturday, September 17, 6 to 8pm

BJ Wayne
Old Friends by BJ Wayne, oil

"My goal is to utilize the techniques of the great painters of the 19th century to portray the 21st century world that I live in. Depicting the special waterfront communities of Cape Ann is an important focus for me. But I also have an affinity for painting animals. While some artists prefer to focus on one aspect of painting (landscapes, still lifes, etc.) I draw inspiration from those of the past who did it all, painting land and seascapes, animals, and more. In this show I am focusing on Cape Ann through the four seasons."

—BJ Wayne

The News From Rocky Neck via Judy Robinson Cox

Hurricane a/k/a Tropical Storm Irene Mug-up

Hurricane Irene Mug-up

Click for full story and more photos by EJ on Good Morning Gloucester


Nights on the Neck



Friday, September 1 : Tom Nihan, A Small Show of New Work

Kismet Wharf / Residency Studio, 51A Rocky Neck Ave

Tom Nihan

7-10 pm

For more information, call 978-879-6211

Ruth Mordecai
Apples Hanging from the Sun, oil, 15" x11"

Ruth Mordecai : Open Studio and Sale
Saturday, September 3 and Monday, September 5

Paintings, drawings, monoprints, collages, 1980 – 2007, framed and unframed

All work priced to sell to make room for new work.

4 Terrace Lane, Rocky Neck
(up the stairs across Rocky Neck Avenue from IMAGINE. Look for Balloons on the stairs andBalloons on the porch of the third house up on the right.)

Call Ruth at 617 462 9171 for more information.

Summer Artist Series

August 31 – September 13: From Cape Ann to Tahiti
Oil paintings by Rokhaya Waring

RECEPTION : SAT, September 3, 6 – 8pm
Rocky Neck Gallery, 53 Rocky Neck Ave

Rokhaya Waring
Sunset, Opunohu Bay 20" x 20" , oil by Rokhaya Waring

Last June, I traveled to Moorea, a volcanic island in the middle of the South Pacific and part of Tahiti. Moorea can truly be called "Paradise on Earth". A place I had only read about was suddenly the place I stood, paints in hand. I often had the feeling there of being in a dream. I couldn’t help but think of Fletcher Christian and the Bounty or wonder where Gauguin and Matisse might have walked… My greatest challenge was seeing through its picture-postcard beauty. It is a real place, after all. On Tahiti I was drawn by the swiftly changing clouds, lush vegetation, and the colors of the ocean- the same elements I love about my home in Gloucester, Mass., on the Atlantic. As far apart as they are, each place has helped me see the other- more often contrasting though at times reminiscent.

Guest Artist at Khan Studio

Dorothy Englander, Through Sept 15
RECEPTION: Saturday, Sept 3, 4-7pm

Khan Studio / Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Madfish Alley

Dorothy Englander
Artwork by Dorothy Englander

Dorothy Englander, a resident of Albany, NY, holds an MFA from The University at Albany and a BS from Skidmore College. She has received awards for her work, which she has exhibited regionally and nationally since 1980. Her art is in public, corporate, and private collections. She has taught painting in college and private settings.
Dorothy works in a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawing, monotype, collage, and digtal imaging. She incorporates abstraction with recognizable imagery in her work.

Dorothy’s Guest Artist Exhibit at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck will run from Friday, 9/2 through Thursday, 9/15 with an Opening Reception on Saturday, 9/3 from 4:00-7:00 pm.

Khan Studio, Madfish Alley | www.khanstudiointernational.com | 857-891-9054

Wedding Gifts from Sigrid Olsen Art

Love Birds

Fish and Birds have long been among my favorite motifs. The egret was, in fact, the first shape I cut out of the surface of a potato and applied to the surface of a fabric to print. It was the central icon of my company’s logo and still to this day graces many a card or platter in my gallery. And love is one of my favorite emotions. The promise of new love is imbued with such hopefulness, such optimism that the notion of an upcoming wedding grabs everyone’s heart and makes it sing.

I developed two favorite motifs long ago to honor the happy couple and can be created on a platter and inscribed with the names and date of the wedding.

NOW we also haveLove Cards: Kissing Fish and Love Birds to enclose with your gift!

Love Bird Cards

34 Rocky Neck Ave | Gloucester | MA | (978) 281.1766
Hours : Thurs-Sat 11-5 pm Sundays 12-5 pm

The News From Rocky Neck Courtesy Judy Robinson Cox

Kathy Soles
photo by Tom Robinson-Cox

Rocky Neck members recently enjoyed Artist in Residence, Kathy Soles’ closing presentation at the Residency Studio.

July 6 – August 6 : Kathy Minhsin Liao

Open Studio Hours this week
Friday 7/15, 4-8pm and Sunday 7/17, 4-8pm

Kathy Minhsin Liao
Concentric, 60"x71", oil on canvas, 2010

Duality is a theme that repeatedly makes its way into my work. Having spent my childhood in Taiwan, I am strongly influenced by my dual Chinese and Japanese heritage. Coming to America, I found my deeply held beliefs being constantly re-evaluated, challenged, and sometimes compromised. My work is a medium for me to revisit and gain new understanding from my immigration experience. My creativity is fueled by direct observation. My work is driven by the fascination with perceptual and visual experience of light and space. I am constantly seeking new ways to create an illusionistic space through an exploration of of lines, shapes, color and through the visceral act of painting, scraping and collaging materials. I draw upon images of the people, objects, and places that I observe and identify with on a personal level. These images and ideas are given substance and transformed through my painting and printmaking practices. I’ve received a BFA in Painting from University of Washington and MFA Painting degree from Boston University.

Simply Looking, Looking Simple: oil paintings
by Claudia Kaufman

Last Day, Tuesday, July 19

Claudia Kaufman

Contemporary realist painter Claudia Kaufman’s "Simply Looking: Looking Simple," the third in the Rocky Neck Gallery Summer Artist Series, opens Wednesday, July 6 and runs until Tuesday, July 19. A reception for the artist will be held Saturday, July 9, from 5-8 p.m. Kaufman will give a talk at about 7pm where she will show slides that show the steps involved in creating an acurately realistic painting. The public is invited.

Kaufman lives in Marblehead and is a member of the North Shore, Rockport, and Marblehead Art Associations and the Copley Society of Art. Her work has been shown in many Boston area exhibitions. She worked as a commercial artist in New York City followed by a career as marketing executive/creative director of a national healthcare technology company.

She studied painting at the School of the Museum of Fine arts in Boston, Mass College of Art and most recently completed a post baccalaureate residency program in painting at Brandeis University.

As a contemporary realist painter, my works are studies in observation — still lifes of familiar objects that are deceptively simple, yet complex. In the studio setting, I challenge myself to translate the perceived three-dimensional world to a 2D field by observing and capturing the conditions of light, form, color and space through the painterly properties of oil paint. Stopping short of photo-realism, I work to keep the signs of my hand and brushstroke in my work and am particularly intrigued by the drama of light, transparency, reflection and shadows.

—Claudia Kaufman

Through July 22 : Laureen Maher at Khan Studio/Good Morning Gloucester Gallery

See photos of opening reception on Good Morning Gloucester

Out of Snacks
Out of Snacks, oil painting by Laureen Mahler

The next guest artist at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery will be painter and stylist, Laureen Maher. Laureen, who lives in East Gloucester and owns and operates the Beauty Bar at 12 Parker Street in Gloucester, will be exhibiting her landscapes, florals and portraits of local rock stars series of oil paintings in a show entitled "Brushworks". Her exhibit runs from July 8-22nd with an Opening Reception on Sunday, July 10th from 6:00 to 9:00pm. Laureen was first inspired to paint 9 years ago after she moved to East Gloucester from Melrose and saw the collection of paintings by Robert Gruppe’ at The Studio. She is working on an ongoing series of paintings of the local rock stars of Cape Ann. Laureen is very excited to be exhibiting on Rocky Neck, as this is where she was first inspired to paint. Come by and welcome Laureen to Rocky Neck and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery.

Ellen Lefavour Khan Studio
857-891-9054 khanstudio@comcast.net

Zyg Jankowski

Madfish Gallery

The News From Rocky Neck Via Judy Robinson-Cox

Rocky Neck News

The Best of Rocky Neck, 2011 Members Exhibit

Rocky Neck Gallery, 53 Rocky Neck Ave, Gloucester, MA

Show Dates: May 20 – June 3, 2011

Submission Deadline: Received by May 7, 2011

For more information and to download application go to


Summer Artist Series : Call for Proposals

Deadline to Apply: April 18, 2011

The Rocky Neck Gallery is accepting proposals for two-week shows to be held this summer in the Rocky Neck Gallery from June 8 to October 12, 2011. The exhibit space is a 12′ x 6′ corner section of the gallery. Any artist, group of artists, or authorized representative of a deceased artist may apply in any medium. The Rocky Neck Gallery will provide publicity, signage, gallery sitting, help with hanging and receptions, and will handle sales. In return, the gallery will charge a fee to cover costs. For more information and to download an application, go to www.rockyneckartcolony.org/Summer_Artist_Series_application.pdf or call 978-283-3598.

Rocky Neck Gallery Looking for New Artists

Deadline to apply April 1, 2011

The Rocky Neck Gallery, located at 53 Rocky Neck Ave., is a co-operative gallery run by members of the Rocky Neck Art Colony. A limited amount of space is available for new artists in 2011 for the
19-week summer season (June 7 to October 15). All media including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, mixed-media, collage, sculpture, pottery, jewelry and other fine craft will be considered. For more information and to download an application go to www.rockyneckartcolony.org/RNG2011application.pdf Deadline to apply: April 1, 2011.

Sarasota art gallery

Sigrid Olsen Sarasota NOW OPEN !

407 S. Pineapple Ave. Sarasota, FL
(941) 312-5826
Hours: Tue-Sat 10-5 pm
or by appointment.
extended hours on occasion
See the new winter home for our combined gallery and ISLA beach house boutique, featuring Sigrid’s original artwork, prints, cards and hand-painted ceramics artfully blended with fashion and accessories from other designers around the world.


Gloucester Stage Company Silent Auction

The Gloucester Stage Company is looking for visual artists that might want to donate a piece of artwork for a silent auction to take place during their 2011 Spring Benefit Gala in May. The benefit is a dinner/dance event to "kick off" the GSC’s 32nd Summer Play Season and will be held at Cruiseport Gloucester on Friday, May 20. It will be marketed on their 2011 Season Brochure, which will be mailed in early March to 5000+ constituents, as well as on posters, invitations and internet event listing sites.

Those artists who participate in the auction will receive recognition on the invitation, on the GSC website, and at the event. Recognition will also be given to the artists and the Rocky Neck Art Colony at the event.If you would like to donate artwork for this event, please contact John North, Development and Marketing Director Gloucester Stage Company (978) 281-4099, jabjen@juno.com.


Painting from the Heart – Cultivating Intuitive Vision
with Color, Imagery, Print & Collage: by Sigrid Olsen

June 13-17, 2011

This workshop will incorporate a number of techniques Sigrid has developed to allow free and spontaneous use of color and print in order to express one’s personal life vision. The goal is to open up to possibility and leave each participant inspired to leave all preconceptions behind and get on with the business of highly creative living. The mood will be equally upbeat and introspective, technically instructional while reaching deeper to unleash inner imagination and self-expression. We will use a three part media: painting, print and collage. There will be a focus on color mixing, color theory and self expression through color utilizing permanent brilliant watercolor inks on paper. In combination with the watercolor under-painting, there will be a print component, employing hand-carved rubber print blocks. The workshop culminates in a collage using all the elements practiced over the past few days. The notion of inspiration will be explored through guided meditation, audio-visual presentation and open discussion.

Montserrat College of Art
23 Essex St. Beverly MA 01915


Amazing Community Project

Ruth Mordecai is trying to organize an amazing community project that involves a French street artist named JR and the Ted project that is using art to turn the world Inside Out. To learn more watch the video

TED Prize Winner JR & INSIDE OUT from TED Prize on Vimeo.

http://www.ted.com/talks/jr_s_ted_prize_wish_use_art_to_turn_the_world_inside_out.html and contact Ruth (RGlouc@comcast.net) if you want to get involved.

Topside Grill Exhibition Opportunity

Judith Monteferrante is helping Topside Grill in Gloucester to set up a B&W (or sepia toned) Gloucester Waterfront themed show for the bar upstairs (April to Jan). No commission for sales! Will try for an opening reception as well. Looking for options and images to review in March. Contact Judith@judithmphotography.com for more information.

Call for Proposals

LynnArts is now accepting proposals for group and solo shows for 2012. The Willow Community Gallery, suitable for two to four person or solo shows and installations is 12′ x 25′ with 12′ ceilings (5 openings) with a standard size door entry. Accepted artists are required to install their show, produce show cards and provide an opening reception, though no fee is charged for the space. LynnArts sends out press releases on all shows, but strongly encourages artists to send their own promotion materials as well. Artists are also strongly encouraged to offer a community component to their exhibition like a gallery talk or demonstration.

We accept proposals for all mediums and installations, though film/video artists must supply their own equipment. The deadline for proposals is May 1. For information on how to submit a proposal, please visit our website: www.lynnarts.org. For questions, please contact Susan Halter, 781-598-5244 or swhalter@lynnarts.org.
25 Exchange Street, Lynn MA 01901


Art Supply Store Coming to Gloucester

Susan who owns toodeloos on Main Street in Gloucester is going to open an art store here. She has requested that artists send her lists of what materials (specific brand names etc) they use so she can begin to figure out what to order. Contact her at 978.281.2011 or TOODELOOSTOYS@YAHOO.COM.

2011 Membership Renewal Time

It’s time to renew your Rocky Neck Art Colony membership. Go to www.rockyneckartcolony.org/2011Membership.pdf to download a membership application.

Deadline to email info for website, extended to March 23
Deadline to submit information for brochure, April

Email all materials to judy@robinson-cox.com

SUN, March 27, Rocky Neck Gallery Meeting

4pm, 25 Lexington Ave., Random Arts Gallery, Magnolia

A meeting for current members of the Rocky Neck Gallery will be held on Sunday, March 27 at 4pm at the Random Arts Gallery, 25 Lexington Ave., Magnolia.

Galleries for Rent

Several galleries are for rent for the 2011 season. To get first choice of prime space contact

Niki Ahearn at 617-543-2977 OR email: NicoleAhearn@comcast.net.

Studio for Rent

Cripple Cove Studios

97 East Main Street, Gloucester
Harbor view, great light, quiet, parking, incl. utilities
$300 monthly
Please call Anna 978 281 3436


Michael Seif

If you happen to be in Stanwood, Washington from March 12 to the 27th, please stop in to Gallery by the Bay to see the 10th annual unclad art show – Unclad 2011! Three of Michael’s photographs are in the show. You can follow this link to my photographs and to see all the artworks in the show: http://www.uncladart.com/unclad-2011?page=3

Unclad 2011 Opening Day Celebration
Saturday, March 12th from 11 am to 8 pm!

Semi Circle by Michael Seif

Semi Circle, photograph by Michael Seif

Judith Monteferrante Wins Award

Judith Monteferrante received a Silver Award for her photograph, "Fluid Motion" the COLOR Single Image Contest and was published in COLOR Magazine Issue 13, May 2011 – available now.

Fluid Motion by Judith Monteferrante
Fluid Motion, photograph by Judith Monteferrante

Rokhaya Waring Featured in 100 Artists in New England

100 Artists of New England

Rokhaya Waring is featured in the book, 100 Artists of New England, by E. Ashley Rooney, now available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other resellers.

One hundred artists have come together to share the distinctiveness of New England. Oil paintings, glass and metal sculptures, and works in wood offer a fresh look at this region’s long, rolling hills and famous autumn colors. Learn histories of the art colonies, including Rockport-Gloucester and Provincetown, Massachusetts; Monhegan Island and Ogunquit, Maine; Old Lyme and Cos Cob, Connecticut; and North Conway, Cornish Colony, and MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire. A great resource for artists, collectors, and art dealers, as well as art historians.

E. Ashley Rooney has extensive writing background on various topics, including landscaping and architecture. She lives in Lexington, Massachusetts and thoroughly enjoys using her talents to highlight the talents of others.

Rich Seeley Wins Honorable Mention

Richard Seeley’s image "Thor’s Hammer Sunrise" receives an Honorable Mention at the Mile High Wildlife Photo Club in Parker, Colorado (near Denver).

Thor's Hammer

Thor’s Hammer Sunrise – The clouds open-up to highlight Thor’s Hammer at sunrise in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.


Rocky Neck Art Colony, PO Box 60, Gloucester, MA 01931

Alchemy News


Dear Joey,

There’s nothing that says "weekend" like a relaxing brunch. The only thing better is if someone else cooks it! At Alchemy we are cooking up a savory brunch that can be enjoyed while relaxing on our couches and armchairs while reading the paper or listening to bluegrass music. In fact our Bluegrass Sunday brunch has become so popular that we’ve added a Saturday Celtic brunch 11-2. We think we have the best tasting brunch around, we know we have the best sounding one.  … and we have a full bar license and no lines!  Brunch starts at 10:30, the music goes on at 11.

Lots of people are calling themselves "foodies" these days. Lots of people think they have to go to Boston for serious culinary adventure. Not anymore. Check out our monthly "Foodie Nights."

We hope to see you soon,


An invitation from Alchemy’s owner, Mark McDonough…

Foodie Nights at Alchemy

Have you ever wished for a monthly dinner party where our local foodies pull out all the stops for a fabulous night of food and drink? I have. My chefs have. Every now and then they need to spread their culinary wings and create food beyond the standard fare – even if it is as wonderful as Alchemy fare.

So we’re going to start our own foodie dinner party on the first Monday of every month in the back room of Alchemy. We’ll create a five course tasting menu with about seven different wine and beer pairings. It’s a tasting dinner so three of the courses will have three items each – three apps, three entrees and three desserts.

We did a test run of this tasting dinner for the North Shore food bloggers in January. Here are their glowing reports:

From GDT columnist Heather Atwood

From NorthShoreDish.com

From Gringo Chapin

From LighterandLocal.com

The cost is $50 for the dinner and $3 for each beverage you choose from our flight of mini-glasses chosen to pair with each course.  This is truly a "first come, first served" event. The first 14 people to secure a $50 prepaid reservation will have a spot at the table. 

To make your reservation for Mar 7 at 6PM, please call Alchemy 978-281-3997 and indicate if you want to be seated at the family style table or the individual servings table.  We’ll do our best to accommodate your preference.

Please send this on to all your foodie friends. We need your help to create a monthly dinner party for North Shore foodies.

There is a New Brunch in Town

Celtic Brunch 

Saturdays from 11-2 with Emerald Rae, Seán Connor and Friends

Emerald and Sean are award winning fiddle players who play all over the world and just happen to live in Gloucester.  Emerald is also a world class teacher of Irish Step Dancing.She’ll even give an impromptu class in Irish Step Dancing if you ask.

Live Celtic Music Sessions are an informal gathering of musicians – there is no agenda and all are welcome.  The seisuin dates back to the early part of the 20th century in America and was a way for immigrants to get a taste of home. 


Free $5

Bring this coupon for $5 off lunch.
That’s your reward for reading to the end :))
One per table – not combinable with other offers.

The News From Rocky Neck

T H E   N E W S   F R O M   R O C K Y   N E C K

Go to mail.rockyneckartcolony.org if you are having trouble viewing this email.

Dead of Winter at Inn Magnolia

Have you ever wanted to go on a ghost hunt?
Now’s your chance!

On Saturday January 15th, from 8pm to midnight, join author, radio personality, and paranormal investigator Ron Kolek and members of the New England Ghost Project for an investigation of Inn Magnolia. The elegant mansion has a history of unusual occurrences and many visitors have witnessed strange events.

Sign up for this special event and you will become part of the NEGP team as they attempt to collect evidence of paranormal activity at the inn. An initial investigation on Halloween revealed that the spirits there were more than willing to communicate but reluctant to disclose their true identities. Who haunts the inn? Is it one of the former residents, a sailor looking for a lost love, a struggling artist, an ailing child? Or is it something more sinister?

Join Ron and the rest of the NEGP crew for an unbelievable night as they and you attempt to unravel the mystery of Inn Magnolia. The price of this investigation is only $60 and space is extremely limited, so sign up today at www.neghostproject.com/magnolia.htm or for more information call 978-455-6678.

Overnight accommodations are available from the Inn for $20 off the already very low winter rates. Call 978-525-3642 or go to http://www.innmagnolia.com for room reservations.

Inn Magnolia – 18 Norman Avenue – Gloucester, MA 0193

Wed, Jan 19 : Patti Sullivan Show at Alchemy Gallery

Patti Sullivan

Rocky Neck Art Colony Portraits

Last month Kathy Chapman, a new RNAC member and resident of East Gloucester, introduced herself to the area by offering her photographic portrait experience to the community. Judith Monteferrante volunteered the use her new digital photo studio for the event and the rest is history. Fifteen artists were photographed by Kathy and Judith, with more expressing interest for the next session, taking place in the spring.

Chapman Monteferrante portraits

Kathy is currently accepting portrait, event and wedding jobs, as she works out of her studio on Gloucester Harbor. Her online portfolio has samples of 30 years of work, made while she was based in Boston’s Fort Point. Most of the portraits of artists and musicians (among others) were shot on assignment and published widely in national and international news venues. http://www.kathychapman.com.

Judith is a fine art and portrait photographer out of Gloucester as well as travel locations, including Africa. See her work at Topside Grill until January 15 and State of the Art Gallery in Gloucester. See her new website at http://www.judithmphotography.com.

Cape Ann Museum Free to Cape Ann Residents in January

ON VIEW: Contemporary Cape Ann Artists
Now through January 30, 2011

The Cape Ann Museum invites the public to visit the Museum during the holiday season. The galleries and Museum Shop are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 to 5:00 and Sundays from 1:00 to 4:00. The Museum will close at 3:00 PM on December 24 and December 31, and will be closed for the day on December 25 and January 1. During the month of January the Museum is free to all Cape Ann residents.

Currently on view is a selection of paintings from the permanent collection by contemporary Cape Ann artists, including works by George Anderson, Ed Touchette, Elaine Wing, Robert Anderson, David Crowley, George Aarons, Gordon Goetemann, Barbara Aparo, Zygmund Jankowski, Paul Ciaramitaro, and Steve Buddington.

Joseph Flack Weiler


Richard Seeley’s image "Food Fight" received an Honorable Mention in the Mile High Wildlife Photo Club competition for November 2010 in Denver, Colorado.
Richard Seeley
Two male grizzly bears have a disagreement over who owns this particular salmon fishing spot. Brooks river, Katmai National Park, Alaska.


FRI, Jan 21 : Rocky Neck Gallery Meeting

Current members of the Rocky Neck Gallery will meet from 2 to 4 pm on Friday, January 21
at the Studio of Kate Somers, 25 Lexington Ave., Magnolia 978-325-0771.
The agenda will be distributed in a separate email.

seARTS PWA Request for Proposals

seARTS is pleased to announce the 2011 Partner With an Artist (PWA) request for proposals. The PWA program provides grants for artists to make a new work in partnership with a Cape Ann business to be presented publicly in spring 2011. seARTS is looking to fund innovative projects that explore arts/business collaborations and embrace the partnership as integral to the work of art to be created. Jurors will award $1,500 grants to five artists for arts/ business partnership projects. For more information, contact seartspwa2011@gmail.com or 978-281-1222.

Goetemann Artist in Residency Program Info Available Online

The application form for the 2011 Goetemann Artist in Residency Program is now available online at www.rockyneckartcolony.org/11Residency_application.pdf

Deadline to apply : March 1, 2011


FUNDING Support is available to professional architects, designers, and creative artists through NEA’s Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission. The program provides financial aid for up to five outstanding artists for a three month residency in Japan to pursue individual artistic goals. The deadline for this program is February 1, 2011. More information at the Commission’s website.

Galleries for Rent

Several galleries are for rent for the 2011 season. To get first choice of prime space contact

Niki Ahearn at 617-543-2977 OR e- mail: NicoleAhearn@comcast.net.


Rocky Neck Art Colony, PO Box 60, Gloucester, MA 01931

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