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#Boom! Bradley Makes An Honest Woman Out Of Kimberly On Niles Beach Saturday!


photo 3 nb

Joey!  Happy October!  From Kimberly & Bradley
We did it!  Niles Beach, October 20, 2012
Mr & Mrs Bradley Scheetz
(Newlyweds & big fans of Mighty Gloucester)

Engaged On Pavilion, Married On Niles!

You may remember this post back on August 28th-

Newly Engaged FOBs Kimberly Funk & Bradley Scheetz!

Posted on August 28, 2012 by Joey C

Hi Joey-

My boyfriend (now fiance!) Bradley and I really enjoy your blog and we LOVE Gloucester (we definitely have the wheels turning for a relocation from Boston one day). Thought I would share a Gloucester story from this past Sunday..
We often come up on the weekends to hang out and one of the things we (mostly me) like to do is look for sea glass at Pavilion beach. That’s where we were this past Sunday when Bradley called me over to look at something in the sand. Just sitting on a rock was a beautiful shiny sparkly ring. I was a little slow..even thinking aloud that someone must have lost their ring..doh! Anyway it was for ME and we got engaged right then and there! We were super lucky that local, Amy Clayton happened to be on the beach and she snapped some pictures for us! Here our a couple of our favorites ..
Kimberly Funk & Bradley Scheetz


Newlyweds Paul & Mary Spinola Represent!

Good Morning Joey,

We are big fans of GMG, thanks for all the hard work you do creating and keeping up with everything Glosta! Your mom (who we work with) was nice enough to supply me with some GMG stickers to "represent" with during our recent trip to St. Thomas and subsequent honeymoon cruise to the Southern Caribbean. After getting married on the beach in St. Thomas, we visited Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Maarten.

Here we are at beautiful Magens Bay in St Thomas as well as a pic of me at Boo Boo Jam Beach in St. Maarten.

Feel free to post!

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Newlyweds Paul & Mary Spinola