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New Balance Field at Newell Stadium #GloucesterMA after the storms

Ah, nice to see sunshine and teams practicing.


Coastal flooding roads closed & New Balance Field at Newell Stadium

Receding now- 3 hours after high tide





Water balloon baseball? 9:30 Saturday YMCA Fiesta at GHS Newell Stadium. It’s on!

And hula hoops?! Thank you Garrett Coler, Sports and Recreation Director at the Cape Ann YMCA, for giving Good Morning Gloucester the scoop on the details. Sounds like something will be going on for all ages! From Garrett:

This Saturday at Newell Stadium at Gloucester High the YMCA will be hosting a Family Activity Day where kids of all ages can come by and play pick up sports games with our staff as well as participate in parachute games, face painting, water balloon baseball and more. The event is free for all and will be followed up by a hula hoop show! 

Come on down to Newell Stadium from 9:30-12 and join us! Parents welcome!”



The Demolition Of Newell Stadium From The GHS Film Club

Hello All,

 Yesterday the Gloucester High School Film Club uploaded a short video documenting the demolition of Newell Stadium from the fall of 2012. It really is worth taking 4 minutes to watch. Check it out here:

 Shaun Goulart

Social Studies Teacher
Gloucester High School

Editor’s Note From Joey:

You know I scheduled this post before watching the video and then went back and viewed it.  I didn’t think about it til the scenes were unfolding but what history those stands held.  As a player or as a spectator.  All those beams and seats supporting the crowds throughout the years being dismantled.  I’m sure it held a ton of great memories for people.   Thanks to the GHS Film club for documenting the demolition.

Renewal of Newell Stadium hits the Finish Line

The Renewal of Newell Stadium hits the finish line, with a helicopter fly-by, rising of the flag, ribbon cutting and a review of all the athletic teams, a day of celebration, and Gloucester has won every game played on the New Balance Field at Newel Stadium. ABSOUTLY PERFECT !!



Old GHS fans look forward to New Stadium

Photos below from Nov 2010 GHS Football vs Lynn Classical  game.

Community Celebration and Opening Ceremony at the New Balance Track and Field at Newell Stadium Friday September 6th.

see more photos from GMG post Nov 2010


GloucesterCast With Guests Brad Sudbay and Tom Abbott and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast With Guests Brad Sudbay and Tom Abbott From Sudbay Family Auto and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

click to listen-With Host Joey C and Guests Brad Sudbay and Tom Abbott From Sudbay Family Auto

Topics: Paying Your Dues As A Third Generation Businessman, Joey’s Experience Leasing A Vehicle at Sudbay, How Things Have Changed In The Auto Sales Industry Locally,Tom Abbott and Gloucester Youth Athletics, Newell Stadium, Brad Sudbay’s Striper Fishing Tips, Brian O’Connor, Death Row Sub, Leonardos, Captain Hooks, Death Row Meal, The Franklin Cafe

Newell Stadium Progress Report From Dick Wilson

Ron Gilson writes-

Hi Joey:  I talked to my friend Dick Wilson the other day,  requesting a progress report on the Newell Stadium construction. (see download of pictures  below). Things are progressing according to schedule and the entire facility should be ready sometime next summer.  This is a big deal for Gloucester, and for the first time in my life our h.s. athletic facility is getting a first class "the best" up grading possible.  Gloucester will have the premier athletic facility on the North Shore.  The committee is also planning an appropriate dedication ceremony, maybe in the early fall of 2013.  It should be fun.     

Ron Gilson

Dick Wilson suggested I provide you an update on the Renewal of Newell – also known as New Balance Track & Field at Newell Stadium.  Dick’s passionate about this facility as a symbol that Gloucester supports our children and schools.

Here’s some of the latest photos.

The construction has been on schedule. Demolition has been done, the site regraded, a new storm drain line installed and foundations for the new athletic field lights have been set. If we can get a stretch of dry weather in the 40’s we may even be able to lay the foundation for the bleachers before January. Things will really shape-up in ~mid-March when the new bleachers will be erected and the preparation for the new turf begins.

The City has committed $298,000 in Community Preservation funds towards the project. As Dick may have mentioned, the GFAA continues its push to raise the last ~$100,000 in funds to revamp the scoreboard and other amenities to create a top-notch facility. There’s still opportunities for folks to donate either immediately or through a three-year pledge. People can contact http://www.gloucesterathletics.org/newell-stadium/

Stephen Winslow

Gloucester Community Development Department

GHS Film Club-Newell Stadium Documentary Seeks Input

Hey Joe,

The GHS Film Club is working on a documentary on Newell Stadium, it’s history, it’s legacy and the rebuilding. As an advisor with Shaun Goulart, I am reaching out to the community for the students who will be working on the project. This is going to be a student made film that we are hoping will involve the community. With your community involvement, I am hoping you will be able to help us recruit people who are willing to help us with the film. We are looking for people to interview (such as coaches and players), people with footage of events at the stadium and any other community members who might be able to help. This is more than a film about a football field, it is more about a community and how the stadium is such an integral part of that community. I know you have a lot of people who follow your blog and I am hoping we can get you to help get them to help us.


Rich Francis
Social Studies Teacher
Gloucester High School

By the way, Joe,
If people want to email us they can reach us at gloucesterhsfilmclub@gmail.com

Photos from the Relay for Life “Luminaria” Ceremony

To jump straight to a slideshow, click here.

Last night I stopped down for the Luminaria ceremony of the Relay for Life at Gloucester High School in the Newell Stadium.  On one hand, I wanted to be there in memory of friend and family members who have died from cancer (including my maternal grandmother and a high school classmate). On the other, I knew it would be a great opportunity for some inspirational photography…

Here’s an explanation from the Relay for Life website (with my photos from yesterday):

“Simple white luminaria bags are transformed and illuminated after dark at every local Relay For Life event. Each one is personalized with the name, photo, message or drawing in memory or honor of a friend or loved one who has been affected by cancer.  Each luminaria candle represents a person.  They are our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, friends, coworkers and so much more!

As the sun sets at a Relay For Life event, luminaria lining the track illuminate the night and a hush falls over the event that had been filled with the sounds of celebration. Relay For Life participants, survivors and caregivers then gather together for the Luminaria Ceremony to remember loved ones lost to cancer and to honor those who have battled the disease.

As participants walk the track lined with luminara bags in reflection, a caregiver who has lost a loved one may find comfort from a fellow caregiver who has faced a similar loss. Meanwhile, a survivor gains hope and strength from others who have followed the same journey and survived. All resolve to keep fighting to save more lives so no more luminaria bear the names of those lost to the disease.”

I don’t know the details of how the relay works, but there are clearly different teams who are camping out.  They set up campsites with different themes and decorations. Here are a couple:

Click here for the full-size slideshow. There are a few pics not included elsewhere this post.

-Fr. Matthew Green

Renewal of Newell Stadium Donor Recognition & Auction Event

The Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association is closing in on its fundraising efforts for the Renewal of Newell Stadium.  On March 24th, there will be an event at the Elks at Bass Rocks to help bring us closer to the goal line.  The live auction will be run by professional auctioneer, Walt Kolenda.  There will also be a silent auction with nearly 100 items!

  • The GFAA is extremely grateful to the Gloucester community for its generosity to date and for its acknowledgement of the importance of rebuilding the recreational facility for the benefit of its student athletes as well as for the entire community. 
    Some featured items: 
       Original artwork by Mary Ann Wenniger, Phil Cusumano, Natalie Daley, David Sears, Fred Kepler, Mace Wenniger
       Antique furniture

Autographed Curt Schilling jersey
Sporting event tickets
Golf outings at Essex County Club, Bass Rocks, Turner Hill
A private performance by The Docksiders
Bountiful gift baskets
  Disney 1-Day Hopper passes for four
Attraction tickets and gift certificates galore!
Mariposa serving tray
  And MUCH, MUCH more!

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door.  Tickets are now being sold at Destino’s, Cape Ann Savings Bank, Palazola’s, Jeff’s Variety and Christine’s Variety.

For more information or to make a donation, please email Kristin Michel, donation coordinator at newelldonations@gmail.com or call her at 978-290-6035.

Ed Collard’s House Doctors Offer To Sponsor One Female and One Male Greasy Pole Walker For Greasy Pole Rebuilding Fundraiser Next Saturday

Ed knows his limitations apparently and is willing to sponsor the first female and male who write in the comment section of this post that they would like to do it. 

Here’s the deets-

Greasy Pole Fundraiser Event Fall Classic Newell Stadium

HOLY COW We’re Gonna Walk the Greasy Pole at the Football field. For the Greasy Pole Fund, Contact Joe Novello, Peter "Black" Fronterio for walker and all other info, Rain Date Nov.19 Fundraiser Event Newell Stadium

Saturday, November 12, 2011  12:00pm-4:00pm


Here’s the article in The Gloucester Daily Times-

Have you ever wanted to walk Gloucester’s famed Greasy Pole?

Come Nov. 12, you’ll have your chance.

Launching its fund-raising effort to restore the Greasy Pole and its pier — damaged during Tropical Storm Irene, then dumped onto its side by high winds and tides Sept. 30 — the St. Peter’s Fiesta Committee is offering 120 people the chance to walk the pole during a program planned that day for Gloucester High School’s Newell Stadium.

"Out of the whole Greasy Pole structure, we were able to save the actual walking pole," said St. Peter’s Fiesta Committee President Joe Novello, whose group is seeking to raise $85,000 to fully cover the construction, permit fees and other costs connected with restoring one of Fiesta’s centerpieces. The drive has already received a $35,000 lift from The Boston Foundation, Novello said.

In the Nov. 12 benefit, the pole and its flag will be extended from a flatbed truck some 3 to 4 feet off the ground, with rubber padding beneath it to cushion the inevitable falls. And the first 120 people who sign up and cough up the $25 donation will get to walk the pole, in three groups of 40, Novello said.

Click here for the entire article

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