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Chickity Check it!- Heidi Wakeman’s New Gloucester Biking Blog –


Check out the interview with the ever upbeat Heidi Wakeman


Here’s the blog-


Send in pics of your bike, start up the conversation about local biking, all that good stuff.  Heidi is about the sweetest woman you’d ever wanna meet.

Here’s our interview from August 2008 when the GMG was only a few months old-

The Neighborhood Apothecary

A nice surprise for me at the block party for me was the new “Neighborhood Apothecary“.  I arrived on the scene from the west end near Giuseppe’s, and met this fine fellow:

_Brentwho was handing out coupons for a free sample from the Neighborhood Apothecary, a new store on the 4th floor of the Blackburn Building (2 Main St.)!  They sell organic herbs, seasonings and teas, natural body products, stones, cards, books, and soon also some natural herbal remedies.   (Regular hours: 8am – 6pm, Monday – Sunday.)  The biggest draw for me is probably the herbal teas!  Loose herbal tea can be hard to find locally outside of chains like Teavana, so it’s nice to have something local in walking distance of my apartment.

The entrance is not immediately evident. You have to go through the parking lot next to Giuseppe’s:

_2 Finding the door 1towards that door in the back with the Grecian columns (Ionic columns with Scamozzi capitals, to be specific):

_3 Finding the door 2Then take the elevator to the 4th floor and follow the signs! You will probably end up meeting Meghan Owens, the owner (shown here helping some customers):

_4 Meghan Owens with customersAnd here are a few photos of what you can find in the store, from herbs and spices to earth-friendly cards and soy candles:

They have a weekly raffle for a discount coupon, which I entered and – to my surprise – won! I get a 5% discount on my next purchase!

Matthew Green