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Maine Lobster Compost

Ed Collard brought this bag of Lobster compost and peat humus for flower and vegetable gardens.

At first I was going to make a joke about Maine lobster only being good as fertilizer but then I realized that those are the same lobsters migrating up and down the coast that we catch here in G Town so I couldn’t go there with the bit.

We here in Gloucester have Neptune’s Harvest fertilizer made out of fish gurry.  They have Lobster Compost made from lobster shells.


To read about Neptune’s Harvest Click Here

Neptune’s Harvest grows 1689 lb pumpkins.When they grow a pumpkin with that lobster poop compost that weighs more than 1689 lbs give me a call will ya?  Because That fish gurry fertilizer just owned your lobster poop fertilizer ass sucka!

imagephoto from Neptune’s Harvest Website

Here is a video from Quoddy Lobster Compost-

Anyone wanna try it and report back their findings?