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NB4T, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, What’s next?

Why it’s TB4NB4T of course!  Translation: Tuesday Before the Night Before Thanksgiving.   Yup, that’s today and there’s plenty happening tonight too.  Check it out here.  Most music venues in Gloucester offer special entertainment for tomorrow, sometimes referred to as Homecoming or NB4T (you can decipher this based on the translation, above).  Check out tomorrow’s full live music lineup here.

Now, maybe I’m old, but when I was a kid, none of this existed.  It was just plain Thanksgiving.  I don’t ever remember shopping the next day.  I did go to the parade in NYC a couple of times (people called it the Macy’s Day Parade).  There was no Internet, so no Cyber Monday.  And the day before was spent cooking or travelling or both.  We sang Over the river and through the woods (the Thanksgiving version, not Christmas).

Here’s the original 1844 poem by Lydia Maria Child.

Now there’s so much to do it makes your head spin.  So, take Joey’s advice from this post, buckle your chinstraps, enjoy the ride and have a very happy 21st Century Thanksgiving!