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Native Shrimp

If you don’t already know, the native shrimp are in!

For New Year’s Eve, I tried something new and made Ceviche with native shrimp and scallops. It was delicious! While  I was cleaning the shrimp for the ceviche, I noticed how beautiful the eggs were.  I had to take a pic to share with GMG readers.

They are ice blue, like the color of glaciers!

And here is the final Ceviche:

Gloucester Native Shrimp Headed and Ready To Cook

Last night we went over sister Felicia’s house for a dinner of native shrimp, pasta with teh shrimp and fried haddock.  While there we shot a video which you won’t want to miss. 

Felicia shows you how to cook the shrimp and make the perfect sauce. Look for it tomorrow night at 6PM

Gloucester Native Shrimp, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

click for larger version


Native Shrimp Loaded With Spawn Up Close And Personal

This is what our local shrimp look like.  Notice they are loaded with spawn on their under sides.  We used to unload tens of thousands of pounds of shrimp each day here at our dock during  shrimp season in the winter.  It wasn’t uncommon for us to peel them while we were unloading the boats and eat them raw.  Alot of guys would snap the head off and pop the tail in their mouths shell and all and then spit out the shell after they sucked the meat out.

One of my favorite meals is pasta with the shrimp using our native shrimp.  So incredibly tasty in the zugu.  They are small and alot of work but the taste of fresh shrimp that has never been frozen like you get at the stores is far superior.