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New lighting in Gloucester City Hall Photo From Maggie Rosa

Maggie writes-

Work in progress!

National Grid has worked with the City to provide new lighting for City Hall’s Kyrouz Auditorium – the lighting fixtures are on the left, the old on the right.

In addition, the lighting for the Build Not For Today Alone but for Tomorrow As Well WPA mural has been replaced.

Staging on the ventilators will be coming down this week or next. Get your cameras ready!



Tobias Richon’s National Grid Deep Energy Retrofit House Renovation Open House Jan 22

Good morning Joey,

This is some what of a shameless plug, but may be of interest.  I have done a renovation on a house in Gloucester as part of National Grid’s Deep Energy Retrofit program.  The goal of the project was to use comprehensive and inclusive methods (ie insulation, efficient mechanicals, etc) to reduce the energy use of the house.  National grid provided a large incentive (~$35,000) to make the project possible, and also provided technical support.  Part of the program with nation grid require that we have open houses to showcase the work.  There is an open house on 1/22 from 1-4pm. the address is 730R Washington St Gloucester

Here is a link with more info about National Grid’s program:


Tobias Richon, Geoffrey H. Richon Company

19 Duncan Street, Gloucester, MA. 01930

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