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The Salt Water Freezes Everything But Our Boys Are Still Smiling!

Tuffy Nate and Sean-The Crew Of The Degelyse

Here is Tuffy just after reciting the rap song the boys composed about a deadbeat fisherman who never pays his bills.


International White Boy/Rap Star Sean Hamming It Up



Nate Goes All Mr T On Us

You may remember Nate as one of the two insane backmen aboard Tuffy’s Degelyse.  Well Nate went and got himself a new Mohawk.  Nice!




Here are some videos with the boys from last season-

and here is when the greenhorn Adam filled in for Sean-

celebrating after the last trap comes out of the water for the 2009 season-

Moose knuckle madness

Tuffy and Nate Prepare To Offload a Pile Of Lobster Gear

Here the boys are getting ready to offload a pile of lobster traps.  The cold water temperature haas made the lobstering activity slow down to a crawl and the time will be better spent fixing broken gear and making repairs than going out to catch very few lobsters this time  of year.  When the last load of traps comes in it is a big relief for lobstermen.  It’s the end of another season and hopefully they’ve made enough to carry them through the winter.