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St Ann School date mystery

On the Prospect St. side of St. Ann’s School, there is this text on the top of the façade:

Those three dates are interesting. I know why one of them is there (1885 is when the parish was officially founded), but the other two? Does anybody know what their significance is? I’m assuming one may be the foundation of the school (if that came after the parish), but that still leaves one date to account for…

Author Sally Goldenbaum Talks Gloucester and New Mystery Book A Holiday Yarn

Sally talks about Gloucester and a whole ton of Gloucester references in her new mystery “A Holiday Yarn”

Sally will be reading and signing her new book “A Holiday Yarn,” this Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Rockport Library.

You can check out Sally Goldenbaum’s website and blog here

The blog portion of her site can be accessed by clicking the tab labeled “Sally’s Porch”.  My guess is that 95% of the people that go to her site probably never knew she had a blog that was attached to her site because they didn’t know that the “Sally’s Porch” tab is what would land you there.  A more appropriate label for that tab would probably be “blog” or “Sally’s Blog”.

Movies – “Hi-Def Hitch”

hd_hitch-posterHI-DEF HITCH
The Cape Ann Community Cinema
267 East Main St. (at Gloucester Stage)
Gloucester, MA 01930

THE BIRDS ::: Tues., 3/24 @ 7:15pm
REAR WINDOW ::: Wed., 3/25 @ 7:15pm
VERTIGO ::: Thurs., 3/26 @ 7:15pm
PSYCHO ::: Fri., 3/27 @ 7:15pm

As you might have figured out by now, we’re serious film fans. So when we found four of Master Of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock’s four greatest films were being pulled out of the vaults at Universal, we got giddy. And we have reason to — they look and sound better than they have since their original theatrical releases. Remastered in the highest quality high-definition picture and sound, we are thrilled to be able to share “The Birds” (Mar. 24), “Rear Window” (Mar. 25), “Vertigo” (Mar. 26) and “Psycho” (Mar. 27) with you as part of this very special engagement. Please join us so that Universal is keen to go back to the vaults for more great classics.