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Topside Grill, 50 Rogers Street, Gloucester

I wanted to make sure I could catch the Red Sox clinch the playoffs so off to Topside Grill with the bar upstairs in case dinner runs too long. Dining downstairs I forgot about the game once the mussels arrived but I only missed the first inning. (Lester was awesome, Sox win the division just like 2007!)

I’ve got weird rules for eating out. I hate it when two people order the same thing, what if it is subpar now you’re stuck with two! Never get the shark, it can be weird, stay away from pasta, shoot, pasta is always better at home.

Broke all my rules, glad we did. The Mako Shark Bites were perfect. I almost ordered them again for dessert. The mussels app was also excellent. I’ll stop saying excellent now because everything was. Two entrees of sautéed shrimp over linguini. So why was everything so good? Everything was fresh down to the tomatoes in the sautéed shrimp. The shrimp and linguini made the best breakfast cold this morning.

I should really work on getting a photo before we destroy the beautiful looking dishes.

Too late for the pretty food photo

Too late for the pretty food photo

Tomorrow I will post “The Picture of the Week” that was framed in the bathroom at Topside. Rubber Duck thought it was pretty funny. She screamed “Cuz, you don’t look so good!”

Rubber Duck is Torn

Rubber Duck has been enjoying an Italian Restaurant in Rockport that is perfect.  It’s like sitting down to family dinner but your mom is an awesome Italian chef serving new eye popping specials every time you walk in.  BYOB a nice Italian Cabernet from Sea Breeze and it is yet another eatery on Cape Ann that is spectacular.  The surfeit of riches we are all spoiled by.

But Rubber Duck likes to pull in on Friday night without a reservation and grab the last table.  If Rubber Duck blabs on GMG that table might be gone. So the question for Rubber Duck:

a) Take the bullet and blab.

b) You’re a bit slow RD, we all know about the place you are quacking about.

c) Shut your bill Rubber Duck before you screw up a good thing.

d) Try to act like a normal duck and make a reservation!

Give me your answer in comments and do not run to the place and blab to Donna that the dude with the red cast on his arm is hiding a duck under the table.

[Addendum] Besides the comments Rubber Duck’s cell phone has been ringing off the hook.  The consensus is that RD can call ahead just like everyone else.

Lo Grasso’s Cafe – Bistro, 13 Railroad Avenue, Rockport, MA

Call 978.546.7977 for reservations. Dinner only, opens at 5PM Wed/Thur/Frid/Sat.  Tell Donna the Rubber Duck sent you and you’ll get absolutely nothing off.

Passports Seafood Mariscos

I’m not one to mix up my seafood in one dish.  If I’m gonna have shrimp in my pasta, I don’t want lobster in there too.  If I’m gonna have lobster newburg I only want lobster, not scallops too.

I’m crazy like that though.  I know plenty of friends of mine that when we go to Passports  have to get this dish every time.

Passports Seafood Mariscos, originally uploaded by captjoe06.