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P&V’s LOL #6: Multitasking isn’t

What impact might multitasking be having on the brains of young people? Researchers are starting to look into the issue, with weighty results.  Photo credit: © Alberto Pomares/iStockphoto

Multitasking isn’t.  Isn’t what?  Isn’t Multi.  Not really.  Just when we thought we were more efficient, science rears its ugly head and proves us wrong.  Google multitasking and you’ll see most of the results busting the myth of multitasking — many even saying it’s bad for our brains (see an example here).  YIKES!

You can still walk and chew gum at the same time.  That won’t fry your brain.  You can even drive and listen to the radio or sing or talk to the passenger at the same time.  But “switching tasks”, according to this article, isn’t just bad for your brain, it can even threaten your “basic health.”  Looks like interest rates are about to change (click here if you’re wondering about that).

Our new phones have a new feature they’re trying to sell us.  It transcribes voice-mails to text so you can read them on your phone.  So I ask Vickie, why would I want that?  It’s so much easier to listen to my voice mail.  I don’t have to fumble for my glasses.  I can listen in the car …  Well, you can read them in a meeting, she replies.

Really?  Seems to me that if I’m in a meeting where I can read my voice-mail, I’m in the wrong meeting.  Turns out, Google agrees.  According to this article in Forbes, Google banned laptops at meetings and guess what?  People who had more important stuff to do just left the meeting.  Brilliant!

Here’s a fun experiment — proof that multitasking isn’t.  Watch the video below while doing something else, like talking on the phone, or answering emails or reading transcribed voice-mails.  I’ll bet you won’t laugh.  Now stop everything else and watch.  It’s hysterical!

In the spirit of trying to quit (multitasking, that is) we’re gonna do you  a favor and not  post anything tomorrow (sorry, Joey).  You won’t be tempted to read our post while sitting in church or opening presents or eating Christmas dinner.  Nope.  You’ve got a multitasking free day.  Enjoy it, and imagine how clear your head will feel and how wonderful life will be once you’ve quit for good.

Then try this on Wednesday.  Go to one of Gloucester’s excellent music venues (see live music lineup here) and actually listen to the music (eat & drink if you like, but don’t talk).  You’ll get why we keep telling you Gloucester has top talent and a burgeoning music scene.