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July 1, 2011: Rockport Officially Open!

Rockport has stuff going on 365 days of the year. It’s not like they roll up the sidewalks in the winter. But the official demarcation into the true summer season is the opening of the Rockport Information Booth. Don’t tell me you’ve lived here your entire life and never stopped in.

Here, Peter Webber is performing the premier, annual, first rights of summer, by hanging Mister and Misses Bathroom sign by the entrance to the Information Booth. Now, and throughout the summer, the booth will be fully manned with experts in all things Rockport, (and all of Cape Ann). And if you have a question about gender, make sure to turn right in Rockport. OK, I know I ask this every year but am I the only one who thinks that when they see this sign when entering Rockport?

The other reason to stop is to admire the flowers planted by Nan Blue at the base of the sign. She has placed a multiplicity of plantings which are timed to flower throughout the summer finishing off with Montauk Daisy (my favorite.)

Went swimming before Mr and Mrs Bathroom sign appeared!

Even if we were in Body Gloves it still counts. It was hot enough Sunday that we would dunk then sit on the rocks and get hot before doing it again. My goal is to beat the Rockport Mr and Mrs Bathroom sign each year and this time we did it.

The sign should be up this week. Please e-mail me when they sneak out there and if you can actually get a photo of who does it you would make my day. I think it is Rockport fairies putting out the sign that is the official beginning of summer.

Blackburn Challenge update: Registration for the July 17 race goes live on the Blackburn Challenge web site tomorrow, May 4.

I may come in last but I’ll have a low number.

Anyone want an earlier workout the Essex River Race is on May 15 and the registration is live.

GMG Kid’s Art Project

Since my daughter at thirteen often tells me to grow up I consider my entering some art in the GMG Kid’s Art Project not entirely out of bounds. You might give me grief recycling Peeps in my art project but peeps are the gift that just keeps on giving. OK, trying to fill my 2PM slot each day I am totally tapped. So I took a magic marker and …

But wait there’s more. I also purchased Hipstamatic which Sharon mentioned as a cool tool for the iPhone. So I am combining GMG Art Project, GMG Recommendations for software, and some wicked stale peeps which have now been recycled so many times they are almost environmentally sound. Actually, I have them soaking in the sink and I might have to use my new Ingersoll Rand 121 Super Duty Air Hammer to get my plate back so not sure how environmentally sound they are. I might have to hide them in my trash bag at the Rockport Dump or they are going to charge me twenty bucks for commercial concrete disposal. I don’t even want to think about fire hazard or waiting until hazardous waste day to unload my peeps. If that happens they are going back up on the wall.

ps. I mentioned in an earlier post to get down to Shaws on Eastern Ave for a fire sale on post Easter Peeps but I was too late. They have replaced all things Easter with Boogie Boards, diving masks and snorkels in that last aisle across from the milk. They did have some chocolate peeps in the discard shopping carts in the middle of the aisle but someone had already scored the last of the marshmallow peeps. (Fess up.) So I combine a “Signs of Spring” of Boogie boards at Shaws. (Don’t worry I am making a list and will recycle all signs of spring once Rockport puts Mr and Mrs Bathroom sign up at the Info booth which is my sign of the end of spring beginning of summer.)


Come to think of it I am going to do one more burn of brush before the May 1 deadline. My brush pile is a tad damp. Do you think I could use my Plate O’ Peeps as a fire starter? If you hear the fire horns this Saturday you might know why.

Too Late to Check!!

This will be a twice a year post. They took the gender question down this week. The next post will be a sign that spring has sprung when the question is back. As of this week you can no longer check your package at the Rockport Information Center.  Mr and Mrs Bathroom sign has been stored away for the winter.


I’ve made a T-Shirt with this sign but I could not think of something sick and wicked. So I asked my daughter the 13 year old. She said use, “Get Your Package Checked in Rockport, Turn Right”.

Can anyone top that?