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Last Minute Gifts for Mothers Day

West End Shopping

If you are the guy that still hasn’t bought that present for the special mom in your life let me guide you through a fail safe 20 minute guarantee to make them happy gift idea session.

All you have to do is head downtown to Gloucester’s West End.

Within one block there are 4 shops or more that will cover every gift giving idea and price range you could need.

Harbor Goods, the Life is Good store will be open from 11-6PM today.

At Caffe Sicilia you can pick up Canoli or Tiramisu for a quick visit and cup of coffee at your moms house. Caffe Sicilia is open from 7-1PM today.

A couple of doors down from Cafe Sicilia is the apparel shop First Impressions which has a wide range of designer clothes and handbags for very reasonable prices. Open 10-5:30PM

Across the street from First Impressions The Bookstore of Gloucester will be open from12-5PM. Pick up a book of local color or one of the ones recommended by the Mrs down in the post below.

All within about 30 yards of each other you can get in and out with a perfect gift all in Gloucester’s West End, without having to drive out of town to the malls.

I hope this helps any desperate people looking for gift ideas out there.