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Here’s the link

To think that out of all the blogs in all of Massachusetts to win the popular vote, I’m just very very very emotional right now. Love you guys

I’d also like to tip my hat to Adam Gaffin at Universal Hub who IMO has the Best BOSTON based blog and the other nominees.

This isn’t an award for Joey C, this isn’t an award for Joey C and our contributors. this is an award for every person that clicks on their bookmark for GMG, for every person that subscribes, for every person who writes in a comment and encourages us to keep on pushing, this is award for our entire community without which we would have never kept on trying to bring the best of our area and share with the world.
We Did It Together!!!!!

Today is The Final Day To Vote Good Morning Gloucester For CBS Boston Most Valuable Blogger Contest

The voting for CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger ends TODAY. We appreciate any votes that you have given to GMG in this contest if you feel that we deserve it.

I’m very proud of the work our team has done on the behalf of our community and to date I’ve  never seen another blog that creates as much original content for the betterment of their community and to remind the world of just how special a place that our community is. Win or lose this competition I know in my heart that the commitment to bringing our readership the best, most timely and entertaining blog we can has never wavered and we will relentlessly keep on our efforts to push the boundaries and dismantle what anyone anywhere ever thought was possible in community reporting especially when you consider that 100% of our efforts are volunteer and based on our love of our community.

Thank you for your consideration for your vote, thank you for your comments, thank you for your contributionins whether it be pictures, videos, encouragement or just a “nice job” in passing on the street.  It is what keeps up going- pushing forward and trying to ever make it better- for you- our readership.

If you feel that we deserve your vote you can vote daily through the end of the day by clicking through the badge below.  Feel free to hit the little buttons below the post to share this post on Facebook, Twitter or email to your friends who may also feel the same way about Good morning Gloucester.

thanks for everything-

Joey C

We have been nominated in the miscellaneous category and are pitted against 30 or so other blogs.

Please conside voting for our local friends as well

North Shore Dish was nominated in the Dining/Entertainment Category

You can vote for them here

and North Shore Kid was nominated in the Lifestyle and Family Category you can vote for them here

The CBS Boston Most Valuable Blogger Everything Else Category Rant

As many of you know (and I swear I don’t want to be obnoxiously asking for your votes every two seconds) Good Morning Gloucester, our blog is among the 30 or so nominees for Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger in the Everything Else category.

It’s a great honor and it’s all because of our contributors and community who send in material as well as comment on posts and/or help out with the latest foolish plans we may be concocting to dominate the world.

I don’t want this to come off as a plea for votes but I just now had the time to click through the other nominees on the list and out of the 30 or so, there really IMO are only about 5 that belong there.  I’m not even saying GMG deserves the top spot (although in my mind it does) but I could see how someone could vote for Adam Gaffin’s excellent and oft updated Universal Hub

What I cannot understand is how there are some nominees in the category that hardly ever even update or may only update once a week.  There are some nominees that have a total of three blog posts for the whole month of August.  We bang that out by 8AM on any given day.  So if you have time and see some of the other nominees even in the same category that we are nominated in, look through and at least vote for some blog that cares enough to maintain the thing.

I would tell you that there are some local Cape Ann blogs that I would put up over at least 60% of the nominees in the contest.

Anyway I truly am appreciative to whoever nominated us in the first place and I hope that if we don’t win that someone that puts in the time and energy that we do, does win.

Thanks for your support…end rant

We’re Not The Only North Shore Folks Nominated For A CBS Boston Most Valuable Blogger Award

Very cool! CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger In The Everything Else Category

Here’s a link to the site-image

Here are the rules-

Voting for Finalists will be limited to one vote per day.

You can Vote for GMG here

Our Buddies North Shore Dish was nominated in the Dining/Entertainment Category

You can vote for them here

and North Shore Kid was nominated in the Lifestyle and Family Category you can vote for them here

We Were Nominated for CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger In The Everything Else Category!

Very cool! CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger In The Everything Else Category

Here’s a link to the site-image

Here are the rules-

Voting for Finalists will be limited to one vote per day.

Very cool!   Thanks to whoever of you guys nominated us!

I’ll leave the widget they provided the nominees in the sidebar so you can vote daily.  Please only vote if you think we deserve it and thanks again, it’s a great honor to be nominated out of the probably millions of blogs throughout Massachusetts.

Congratulations Team!!!  and by team I mean every single reader, contributor and commenter because we’ve said all along that this thing we love doesn’t exist without all of you.  Without our readers and people writing in to let us know they like what we are doing we don’t really have a reason to keep trying to churn out the very best content we can possibly offer.  Thank You Team!!!!!